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   Chapter 1187 Extra Story 77 Of Charlie Unexpected Encounter

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Rita closed the magazine in her hand, frustrated. She raised an eyebrow and said, "I thought everything was ready for tomorrow? It's going to be 10 pm when the plane touches down in T City. You mean I still have to go to the company?"

Allen stopped reading as well and turned to look at Rita.

Mia Xiao glanced nervously at Allen then said, "Mr. Gu is already in T City. I can't say for sure whether it's for tomorrow's matter or not."

Rita nodded. "Okay. I see."

Mia Xiao then excused herself and returned to her seat, which was only a few places away from them. Rita opened the magazine again, and while flipping through the pages, she said, "You seem to be nervous."

Allen shot her a glance and replied coldly, "Don't you feel nervous?" He jeered, "I'm worried about the finances of the Shen Family. You..." His moved his eyes from Rita to the smooth floor in front of him and slowly uttered, "You are worried if this thing goes wrong, you and I won't be together anymore!" He looked back at Rita with his eyes devoid of any emotion.

Rita seemed to be unaffected by Allen's words. Smiling, she said, "You can say so because you think that even if you fail, you have done your best. Then, you can go back and pursue Elsa again. Perhaps, this wouldn't be a bad outcome for you, after all, right?"

When he realized that Rita could see right through his facade and hit the nail on the head, he clenched his jaw, and his expression returned to normal again. "You seem to analyze me so well. Does that mean you love me?" he mocked.

Rita snapped the magazine and glared at him. With a cynical smile on her face, she sneered, "Allen, do you really believe that Elsa would go back to you? Apart from the financial aspect, Charlie is way more outstanding than you. He is an excellent student, and Charlie can offer Elsa a prosperous life. That's what Elsa would desire."

The moment Rita mentioned Ch


"Yeah. We want to buy some ice cream as well," Evelyn answered. Evelyn pointed to the store sign and then the ice cream in Elsa's hand. Beaming at her, she said, "Sister-in-law, how did you know that this store is famous for its ice cream?"

"I didn't know..." Elsa felt somewhat embarrassed. Maybe it was because her relationship with Charlie had almost reached the end, but Evelyn was still calling her sister-in-law. That made her uncomfortable. "Olivia said she wanted some ice cream, so we came here," Elsa explained.

Evelyn then turned to the other three girls and greeted them, "Hello, I am Evelyn." Then she stood beside Elsa and winked. "I'm Elsa's future sister-in-law!"

It took no time for the other three girls to hit it off with Evelyn. Although she had only been in A University for half a year, Evelyn was already a celebrity in the school. The girls had imagined someone like Evelyn, who came from the powerful Long family, would look down on them. Surprisingly though, Evelyn was just like one of them. Her sincere smile and casual way of talking made her one of their good friends.

"Evelyn, it's my treat. I'll buy the ice cream first." After Bess greeted the girls, she bought Evelyn a bowl of ice cream and a cup of juice for herself.

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