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   Chapter 1186 Extra Story 76 Of Charlie Unexpected Encounter

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After Anna said that, both Ann and Olivia turned to Elsa. Ann seemed fine, while Olivia was eagerly waiting for something. She was looking forward to seeing Quiet Misery of Dragon Flying. If not for the mistake, she couldn't imagine what would happen to her now.

Surely, Olivia just imagined the encounter. How could she miss the chance to see him in person? If she had to leave the group and go on her own, she might not have the courage to do so. That was the reason why she wanted everyone to go with her.

After pressing her lips, Elsa said, "Then, let's all go together!"

"Yeah!" Olivia jumped to Elsa and hugged her. Chuckling, she screamed, "Elsa, you're the best! After I get Quiet Misery, I will do anything to repay you!"

"Speaking of that..." Ann suddenly twisted her eyebrows and asked, "Is Charlie Silent Sorrow?"

At the mention of Charlie's name, Elsa's expression had suddenly changed. "Yes."

"Silent Sorrow and Quiet Misery," Anna continued. "Is it possible that they are the same person?"

"Absolutely, not!" Olivia assured her while patting her chest. "I chatted with Quiet Misery before I started playing the game. But I made a mistake when I chose the server, and later I wasn't courageous enough to start again in the new server. I stayed loving him secretly for such a long time. How could I mistake the person?"

Anna and Ann looked at each other and smiled knowingly. Anna argued back, "Well, you have never seen him before. How do you know who the person behind the screen is? If the person is Charlie, then you will be in competition with Elsa for him." She stole a glance at Elsa, then continued, "If not, perhaps he's a fat old man. Ha-ha!"

All of a sudden, the entire room was filled with laughter.

When the girls left the hall, it was already half-past seven in the evenin

Elsa sat quietly with her thoughts preoccupied with something else. 'Tomorrow will be the start of the three-day holiday. The gathering will be held in two days. If Evelyn is going to be there, then Charlie will most likely be going as well.

After all, he wouldn't allow Evelyn to go alone, ' Elsa thought.

When the thought crossed her mind, Elsa had become slightly upset. She didn't know why she was sulking or why she felt envious. She was supposed to use the four days to think everything through. However, the more she delved into it, the more confused she became. Everything was mixed up, and she couldn't sort it out.

Elsa seemed to manage just fine when Charlie wasn't around. But the very moment he appeared, she would become confused and feel suffocated with the bittersweet and painful feeling that suddenly came from nowhere.


Allen and Rita were sitting next to each other in the VIP room of the airport. Even though they were making their engagement official tomorrow, they both seemed like strangers. Each read a magazine, ignoring the other.

"Excuse me, Miss Gu, but Mr. Gu called. He would like you to go to the company once you arrive in T City," said the secretary, Mia Xiao.

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