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   Chapter 1185 Extra Story 75 Of Charlie Game Party

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Despite the fact that she wanted to escape and to refuse, she just could not refuse when she saw her roommates' faces. They were eager to go, but she knew that they would not go if she was not with them. Just as Ann said, there was still a few days for her to decide what was best for her. Like Charlie, who didn't want to give her a future that she wasn't certain about, she didn't want to give him a future without a happy ending.

"Okay," Elsa said with a nod, sighing. At that moment, tears finally spilled over her eyes and slid across her cheeks, falling on the pillow. It created tear stains on it.


Allen stared at George. He was confused with everything. "But you supported me yesterday!" he said.

"You better give up," George said with a slight sigh. "It is not the time for you to create such an unnecessary new issue."

"George?" Allen groaned slightly.

George didn't explain further. Instead, he only said, "You have to help the Shen Family deal with whatever problem they're currently having before thinking about anything else."

Hearing that, defeat became visible on Allen's face. He couldn't do anything but nod despite the confusion and doubt in his mind. Even if he didn't agree with everything, he understood that he had to solve the current problem first. Otherwise, every word he said would mean nothing.

"I'm going to take a trip to T City next week," Allen said. "I will be engaged to Rita then, and an agreement will be signed on the same day. Well, unless something unexpected happens."

George was not surprised to hear the news. He nodded and said, "Endurance is the key to success, Allen."

"I know. Thank you, George!" Allen genuinely expressed his gratitude to his roommate.

As his response, George just shrugged. However, when he was about to go to bed, something came to his mind all of a sudden. Turning back, he asked Allen, "Will Dragon's party take place next week too?"

"Yeah, during the school break in T City," Allen answered.

Hearing that, George frowned slightly. He said, "So Rita also scheduled your engagement and ag

g to the seaside..."

"Well, it's you who doesn't have a brain," Elsa said, curling her lips. "Nobody is allowed to swim in the sea due to the coastal control for environmental protection in T City. Don't you know that?"

"Really?" Ann asked. The bikini she planned to use to attract her prince charming was already in her hands, and what Elsa said greatly confused her.

Shrugging, Anna answered, "Girl, you haven't done your homework."

"Why haven't I been told by anybody?" Ann asked. She wanted to weep but she had no tears.

"I told all of you about that when I was making the plan the other day. The truth is that you didn't pay attention to me because you only cared about your prince charming," Olivia said, rolling her eyes. Looking at Ann with sympathy on her face, she added, "Well, it seems that you'd miss the chance to show your outstanding feature."

Hearing that, Ann frowned. She looked at the bikini she had specifically bought for the trip for a while before finally saying with a bitter look on her face, "My bikini... You will die before you see my prince charming. I feel very sorry for you... Ouch..." Despite her sounding so miserable, Anna threw a pillow at her and it hit her right in the head.

Noticing that she had stopped speaking, Anna looked at Elsa and asked, "Will Dragon's party be attended by Olivia herself or by the four of us together?"


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