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[Friend] Legendary Past: Little Sorrow, when you pursue a girl, you should proceed step by step in an orderly way. But dear brother, it seems like you have been too eager for success. Did you forget about who Elsa is that you just kissed her in public? To make it worse, you even tolerated the girls who like you to describe Elsa as an unpardonably wicked person. How could you do that? I really thought that you've become so mean, but when I saw the expression...just the loss on your heart was broken.

[Friend] LOL: What's wrong? I heard from Rose In The Field that something happened in your university. Really?

[Friend] Rose In The Field: When I passed by the Peach Valley, I saw Elsa standing there alone. She was there for quite a while. What happened between the two of you? Was that a result of the incident that was mentioned in our university forum?

[Friend] ...

After skimming over the messages, Charlie sighed heavily and began typing his reply to all of the messages that were sent to him. With a deep breath, he sent the message to the Group channel: Thank you guys for your concern for Sweet Dream and me, but please leave what happened between the two of us. We promise to solve the issue by ourselves.

[Group] Legendary Past: Whoops! It seems that Sorrow is going to do something...aggressive.

[Group] LOL: I support you, buddy!

[Group] Ice Is Water Awake: Don't push her too hard. It's okay as long as you take it easy and carefully. I believe in you.

[Group] Silent Sorrow: Legendary Past, make a list of the members of our group who will go to T City. Arrange the accommodation for all of them at a hotel near Flight Media.

[Group] Legendary Past: Okay.

As soon as Charlie read Legendary Past's reply, he went offline. Just as Evelyn had said, now he had to keep a moderate degree of closeness towards Elsa. Only through this way would she believe that he was really no longer the Charlie who had played tricks on her during their childhood. Besides, he had to make her understand that Allen could no longer exist in her heart.


When Ann came back to their dormitory, she saw Elsa laying on her bed, visibly sad. That surprised her, but she immediately knew why her friend was acting like that. With a frown plastered on her lips, she turned her eyes to Anna and Olivia and asked in a really low voice, "What's wrong with Elsa?"

Olivia turned her head to take a look at Elsa. Then she shrugged and pointed at her laptop with her finger.

Curious, Ann came to her. Meanwhile, Olivia was opening

t face it head on. Just take me as an example. Although I know clearly I won't have a happy ending with my prince charming, I'd pursue him without any hesitation. I won't give up until I get an answer from him." With a smile, she reached out further to stroke Elsa's beautiful face. "There's still a few days left before we leave for T City. You'd have time to think things carefully and figure out if you really don't want to go. If you wanted to go, we'd have a good time in T City and maybe, you'd be able to solve your problem at the same time while we were there. That way, everything would be fine. What do you think?"

Elsa turned her head to look at Ann, her eyes already moist. Soon, Olivia and Anna came to her too. In a way that seemed like she didn't see the tears in Elsa's eyes, Anna said, "Elsa, didn't you particularly want to have a look at the fluorescent squid? You said that we would meet the loves of our lives if we ever had the chance to see that, right?"

Of course Elsa didn't forget that. That was the very first day they had met one another in the dormitory. Since none of them were able to go sleep, they sat in a circle and talked about everything that came to their minds. When they saw the photo of the fluorescent beach in Anna's cellphone, they got so excited that started imagining how their love stories would take place specifically at that place.

"Elsa, even if you really decide to bail on us and break our hearts, we would never have the heart to leave you here all alone," Olivia mumbled, her tone childish. "So let's go together! Look at me! I'm not hesitating despite not having money! I really want to have a look at Quiet Misery from Dragon Flying region."

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