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   Chapter 1182 Extra Story 72 Of Charlie Charlie's Identity

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Tears formed in the corners of her eyes, threatening to fall.

When Charlie looked at her painful expression, he felt a knot in his gut. He sighed, "I'm sorry. I am going too fast..." He let her go slowly and turned around.

The rays of the afternoon sun hit his beautiful face; it reflected a painful loneliness. The graceful prince suddenly seemed like he was drowning in sorrow.

A single tear rolled down Elsa's cheek. "Charlie..."

Charlie straightened up and took a deep breath. After a while, he tilted his head slightly to look back at her. "Don't worry, I'm okay. I have been waiting for you for so many years. I can wait a little longer." A small smile appeared on his handsome face. "I'm just not able to control my desires for you. But you don't have to run away from me again. I won't force you to do anything against your will." He turned his back to her and continued, "We have two more exercises to complete, right? Let's finish it. I'll go get us something to drink first. You wait here for me."

Elsa did not move. She watched him walk away and out of her sight. She felt heavy, like someone had placed a rock on her chest. She couldn't breathe normally.

The library was quiet now, but nobody was focused on studying anymore. They whispered to each other, and some had already posted about what had happened in the school forum. Hence, there was a new bunch of pictures and stories about Charlie and Elsa in the forum. This time, it was a beautiful story. But somehow, once again, Elsa had become the bad woman.

"Look at Charlie's forlorn face... God, please get rid of that Little Bun. Come to me, Charlie. I am waiting for you!" Anna cried out in the dormitory room. Olivia could not help but sigh, "I don't understand why Elsa would upset Charlie like that."

Just like Anna and Olivia, all the girls in the university believed that Charlie was the first good guy to fall for the bad girl.

Listening to her roommates' complaints, Elsa sat on her chair and stared at the Spouse channel. Charlie had returned to teach her the last two exercises and even accompanied her back to the dormitory. A few minutes after that, she had received a luxurious take-out lunch with all her favorite food. But she had no appetite.

Charlie was very smart. He was a straight A student and he was good at everything he did. He also knew her too well. At the very least, he knew exactly what she liked to eat. 'Did he realize what I w

ng slowly, along with his long shadow on the ground. "I have to help him because of the relationship between the Meng Family and the Shen Family. Mr. Long, can you give us a chance?"

Charlie stopped. "Some people just don't understand when to give up. Even if he is given another thousand opportunities, the result will be the same. Allen isn't stupid, but he can't do the impossible." He paused for a second and continued, "Something was happening in the Shen Family. Rita was kind to him and he grabbed the opportunity to cozy up to her and gain her favor. He knew that he would be in a better position if he was with Rita. He already has something that is his, but he is just greedy for more." Charlie's voice turned ice cold as he said, "He is trying to lay his hands on my girl."

"What if Allen no longer has any feelings for Elsa?" George asked. His tone was filled with self-doubt.

As he began to walk away again, Charlie laughed and asked, "Why are you asking me when you are not so sure about it yourself?" Charlie stopped at the stairs of the corridor, and finally said, "For your sake, if you can handle it, I will let him go." He looked at the sunset outside the window. "I don't like it when people try to steal what is mine. We don't encourage such behavior. That is the principle of the Long Family."

George drew a short breath when Charlie took his family name. When the sound of his steps vanished in the distance, he was finally relieved. There was a mix of complex emotions in his eyes—helplessness on one side, and excitement on the other. He had just pitted himself against a very strong opponent.


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