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   Chapter 1181 Extra Story 71 Of Charlie Charlie's Identity

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"Charlie, that is Mr. George." Evelyn couldn't take her eyes off George. Evelyn had always strongly felt that she was in charge of her own life and that she would pursue her dreams with everything she had. She could be a strong queen and sometimes also a cute princess. She still had a pure and romantic heart.

Charlie raised his brows at Evelyn as he stood up and walked towards George and Allen.

"Hello, Mr. George." Evelyn stretched out her hand, her eyes shining.

"Hello!" George shook her hands with a smile. Then he looked at Charlie. "Mr. Charlie, you handle the pressure well," he said, nodding at the two girls on either side of him. "You are being accompanied to college by two beautiful women. I admire you."

"Thank you," Charlie said with a smug smile.

"Elsa, do you really want to stay with a man like this?" Allen glared at her. He looked like he was about to pop a vein in his forehead.

Elsa's lips formed a grim line while Charlie maintained his smile without a word. It was rare for Evelyn to remain silent in such a situation. Charlie figured that it was probably because of George's presence or hopefully because she knew what was on her dear brother's mind.

After a few seconds, Elsa drew a deep breath and asked, "What do you mean by that—a man like this? Aren't you a two-timing dog? Do you think you are somehow nobler?" She glowered at Allen. She was so pissed off by his words for some reason.

Allen's expression changed quickly. George listened to their banter and interrupted, "Miss, you shouldn't always blindly believe what you see in front of you. We shouldn't judge a book by its cover, right?" His gaze shifted slyly from Elsa to Charlie. "Do you think so, Mr. Charlie?"

Charlie's lips formed a crooked smile. "Yes, you are absolutely right." Charlie turned to look at Allen, who was gritting his teeth, and his eyes turned dark. Allen felt like he might slip and fall into that bottomless pit. "Some people like to play with fire, but fire consumes and destroys everything that it doesn't see fit. If you're not careful, you might get burned."

With a smirk, he turned to Evelyn. "Evelyn, I'll accompany you back to your dormitory and then go to the library with Elsa."

"Okay." Evelyn was back to normal. As she walked back with Charlie, she waved a secret goodbye to George. Her big eyes glowed as if they were saying something. It was her eyes which attracted lots of people.

Once they were out of his sight, George said, "Before today, I never understood it... She is n

rily, while everyone in the library watched.

This time, it was not a fantasy nor an illusion. Else knew that this was very much real. His lips were softer than she had thought it to be in her illusion and it had a fresh fragrance, like the smell of seawater and fresh grass. She was lost in his scent.


someone shouted. In an instant, the library was in an uproar. Some people recognized Elsa and Charlie, who were still the hottest topic in their school forum.

"Oh! I wish I were Elsa. If I could be kissed like that by Charlie, I wouldn't care about any gossips." A pretty girl looked greedily at them.

"Yeah... I would do anything if I could just have him hold me in his arms." Another girl joined in the conversation.

"Is it okay for them to show their affection like this in public?" another girl snorted and said. "Would it have at least been good if I were the girl getting kissed by Charlie."

The library became noisier than before as people gathered around. After a while, they got tired of watching the couple make out and left them alone.

"Hmm..." Elsa moaned slightly as they pulled apart from each other. She pushed his chest away from her. Biting her lips to hide her embarrassment, she stood up to leave.

Charlie moved quickly. As she was running down the steps, he caught her arms and stood in front of her, heaving slightly. "Are you running away from me?"

His words hit Elsa's heart sharply. She had not forgotten about Allen completely, so it just didn't feel right to have such feelings towards Charlie already. She didn't want to be a bitch in everyone's eyes and more than anything else, she didn't want to betray her own feelings.

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