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   Chapter 1180 Extra Story 70 Of Charlie With A Beauty In His Arms

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"No problem, please wait a minute. I will get the report right away," the headmaster answered. He then quickly went to his desk and grabbed a file. Giving it to George, he said, "Your father hasn't checked the report for a while since our school is on track. But we still keep the record for the development of the school.

As you can see, our college is one of the best among all the others in the country." Tired of listening to his creamy words, George asked flatly, "Do we still need to recruit transfer students based on their background and skills?"

The headmaster was astute enough to know what George was up to, so he instantly answered, "We don't recruit many transfer students anymore. But as for Charlie and Evelyn... they are quite different from the others. They—"

"I don't care who they really are!" George interrupted again. He threw the report back at the headmaster and continued, "They have been messing around in our college, severely influencing our reputation. It's going to affect our recruitment for the latter half of the year. We will most probably lose our opportunity to promote the exchange program with Harvard if this continues."

The headmaster was in a huge dilemma. George Meng's family was the biggest shareholders of the school and George, who was the heir to the family, had the right to expel anyone from the school. But…

"George, I... I am afraid that... that it wouldn't be appropriate to expel Charlie and Evelyn from the college," the headmaster said in a low voice. He knew their background. Putting aside their background, Brian Long's influence in A City was incomparable to anyone else's. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he ruled the city

need to check someone's background. His name is Charlie, a sophomore from the Computer Department in A University. Get me all his details today."

After the call, they headed back to the dormitory. There is an old saying—'Enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road.'

On their way back, they saw Charlie sitting with two beautiful girls on either side of him. Both the girls were chatting happily with Charlie. There didn't seem to be any jealousy between them, whatsoever. They actually looked like they were best friends.

"Look at that. It is all about appearance nowadays. You are a man of great personal charm... So, why do people think he is much better than you?" George asked and then looked at Allen. Then both of them walked straight to Charlie.

Elsa was the first person to see them approaching. She felt a pang in her heart when she saw Allen, even though she was now in a relationship with Charlie.

Charlie had seen them too. Noticing that Elsa still had feelings for Allen, he gritted his teeth. It was annoying that Allen was still in his way. His face turned ash white as he gave Allen a death stare.


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