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   Chapter 1179 Extra Story 69 Of Charlie With A Beauty In His Arms

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"You… You are such a devil." He was so irritated that he wanted to throw something at Charlie's pretty face. However, he stayed composed. Charlie was Evelyn's brother, so he couldn't displease him. He glared at him and ruffled his own hair to pacify his anger.

Meanwhile, Allen was in the balcony with a can of coke in his hand. He just sat there, staring at the dim, dusty street lamps of the college. He took out his cell phone and swiped across the screen to see all the photos he had with Elsa. Some of the pictures were taken in amusement parks, while others were taken when they were eating or just hanging out in the college. He had a few more pictures of her which he had taken secretly while she was taking a nap in the school library.

He had been living a complicated life before he had met Elsa at the freshman reception. After meeting her, his world had seemed so simple. However, he was doomed to live a life he didn't desire. Along with the comfort and wealth, he also had huge responsibilities which he had to take despite his will, such as his engagement to Rita for saving his father's company.

He had had everything well planned. All he had to do was to endure the pain of breaking up with Elsa. He knew that this breakup would hurt her so much that she would probably need at least a year to recover from the pain and sorrow he had caused her, which would give him enough time to deal with this ridiculous engagement with Rita and help his father's company get rid of the difficult situation it was in.

But he hadn't expected that Rita would insult Elsa publicly in Dragon on the day they had broken up, and what was more unexpected was the existence of a pl

p now." George patted his shoulder again and left him alone.

George's words plunged into Allen's heart like a poisonous knife. He was paralyzed. He stared at George's receding figure. 'Never bow down to your opponents, ' he repeated in mind.

The next day was pretty gloomy.

When Allen walked out of his classroom, he saw George leaning against the wall, waiting for him.

"Let's go," George said when he saw him coming out.

Allen nodded and followed George to the headmaster's office.

When the headmaster saw Allen and George walking into his office, he asked with a servile smile, "George! What brings you here? Is there anything I can do for you?"

While George was invited to sit on the sofa, Allen sat down beside him. After the headmaster asked his assistant to bring some coffee for them, he sat down in front of them too. "So, George—"

"I am here to ask a favor of you." George stopped the headmaster before he could finish his sentence. He threw a quick glance at Allen and then continued, "I want to check the school performance record for the past two semesters compared to other colleges."

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