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   Chapter 1178 Extra Story 68 Of Charlie With A Beauty In His Arms

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Ezra was speechless.

He reproached Charlie, "Oh my God! Dude, how could you come up with such an awful idea? Shame on you."

Shaun frowned at Charlie as well. "I don't care whether you are planning to have sex with her tonight, but do you really think she will be okay with that?" Shaun waited for a reply, but Charlie ignored him. He sighed and continued, "Marriage is not a game. You have to take it seriously. I strongly suggest that you consider marrying her after your graduation, Charlie. After all, the relationship that you two have right now will change after you graduate. Besides, reality is not as easy as you think." Shaun's tone was more serious now.

Charlie shrugged, refusing to continue the topic. In fact, he had just been joking about the whole thing. He knew that if he had sex with Elsa tonight, she would probably agree to marry him just because of that. But he didn't want to force her into a marriage with him; that was not his desire. He wanted her to be with him on her own terms.

As for the marriage certificate... Well, she was still too young for that. He didn't really care for it anyway; it was an absolutely unnecessary obligation to him. Even without a certificate, he would cherish her to his last breath. Also, as Shaun had said, having a relationship inside the college was very much different compared to that in the society.

"I am sorry that I dug out some of your sad memories." Charlie raised the glass to his lips and took a sip. "So, what do you think of this bug issue?" he asked Shaun, changing into business mode.

Shaun rotated the glass in his hands till the liquid inside it twirled like a small whirlpool. He replied, "The same as you. Get rid of it once and for all."

"Let's discuss this in the study," Charlie suggested. He stood up and headed towards the study with Shaun and Ezra following close behind.

Elsa turned to look at them in confusion as they headed to the study. "Why did they bring us along if they were going to be so busy dealing with their own stuff?" she complained out loud.

Evelyn was sitting beside her lazily, snacking on some delicacy, and was changing TV channels every ten seconds. She answered with a shrug, "Charlie brought me along becaus

s beloved woman in his arms, yet he couldn't reach her. She hugged him tighter in her sleep and leaned against his chest. He could feel her soft breasts touching his body. 'What kind of cruel punishment is this?' he sighed.

He quickly carried her to the other guest room and rushed out after tucking her in carefully. He couldn't stand to be anywhere close to her at that moment. He was at his limits. When he was finally out of the room, he felt something hot running down from his nose. He wiped it and saw the red color on his finger. Blood.

"You have only yourself to blame," Ezra scoffed at Charlie when he saw his nosebleed. Leaning against the wall idly with his arms across his chest, Ezra continued to taunt him, "Look at you. No one is stopping you from having sex with her. Why not just do it?"

Charlie glanced at him coldly and then headed to the dining room to get some tissues to wipe off the blood. "I am nothing like you. I will never do that to her." He wiped his nose clean and said, "I am sleeping on the couch. You go back home!"

Ezra straightened up immediately, gaping at Charlie. Charlie looked very satisfied with his 'justifiable' decision and Ezra didn't even know what to say. 'I am here because of him. How can he treat me like I am some kind of after-thought? I am not going to blame him for giving both the rooms to the girls, but now he is going to hog the couch and kick me out of the house too? It's already after midnight!' Ezra thought angrily.

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