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   Chapter 1177 Extra Story 67 Of Charlie Losing The Citadel

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I're not eating too much, either..." "That's okay! I can eat your food if you can't eat them up. Aha!" At the thought of it, Evelyn didn't mind eating more.

That was just who she was. She got used to teasing and bullying the people around her. To be certain, others could treat her in the same way. They could naturally enjoy equal rights as long as they stood by her side.

Puzzled by Evelyn's words, Elsa looked at her up and down, while her eyes widened in amazement. Then, she asked, "What the hell is your body made up of?" "She is a reincarnation of a hungry ghost,"

With a sly tone, Charlie replied very seriously. With that, Elsa shifted her gaze towards Charlie, puzzled by how he could have said that rudely and straightforwardly in front of his sister.

These past few days, she had seen that Charlie treated Evelyn very kindly. But sometimes, Charlie was rather sharp-tongued as if he didn't care about others' feelings at all. "Yes. I was born to eat." Upon hearing this, Evelyn shrugged her shoulders and then dialed Ezra's phone number. "Ezra, Elsa and I are going to send a list of food that we want to eat. We will arrive at Mr. Lu's home about half an hour later. I am sure that you know what you have to do. If we don't see the food after our arrival, I will break the promise for changing my family name to yours. Bye bye."

Evelyn conceitedly shook her head, and before Ezra could reply, she had hung up the phone.

Looking out of the car window, she was humming with pride, believing that she wouldn't have to keep her promise anymore. After all, the food listed was available from different areas of A City, so she was certain that it was impossible for Ezra to buy all the food over half an hour. She thought Ezra even couldn't make it over two hours. However, Evelyn was so excited that she forgot one thing.

That was, in this world, there might be something that you couldn't do, but you would be able to do everything if only you had money.

Marx ever said, "With adequate profit, capital is very bold. A certain 10 percent will ensure its employment anywhere; 20 percent certain will produce eagerness; 50 percent, positive audacity; 100 percent will make it ready to trample on all human laws; 300 percent, and there is not a crime at which it will scruple, nor a risk it will not run, even to the chance of its owner being hanged."

To buy all the food listed by Evelyn within the given deadline, Ezra was willing to pay more than 300 percent to those taking errands for him. With so considerable commissions, it was beyond doubt that these people w

felt helpless to cope with him. In fact, he could deal with him, but he just couldn't figure out how.

Shutting the idea off, Ezra just thought it was not worth arguing with Charlie at this moment, for fear that he would take Evelyn from him.

This was just the reason why Ezra had been made speechless by Charlie's words over and over again. He was thinking about Evelyn.

Instead of retorting and responding back to Charlie, Ezra behaved like a mature man who disdained to argue with Charlie. Gritting his teeth and pursing his lips, he said, "Shaun, hand me a glass of whiskey." Immediately, Shaun grabbed some ice cubes, put them into a glass, poured some whiskey and handed it over to Ezra and said, "I guess the whiskey would be useless for suppressing your anger."

Intending to change the topic, he switched his gaze to Charlie and asked, "What do you plan to do?" Smiling back, Charlie responded, "I am just a toy boy. I can't do anything."

Apparently, he looked very innocent to describe himself that way. These words not only made Ezra speechless but surprised as well.

Even Shaun was shocked to hear those words from Charlie's mouth, which made him raise his eyebrows. Sensing their awkward reactions, Charlie shrugged his shoulders, looked back at Evelyn and chided, "Actually, Ezra has made a point." When the other two men were confused by his words, Charlie shifted his attention to Shaun and asked, "Which one do you think will be better? Shall I sleep with Elsa tonight or get married with her?"

Hearing his words, the boys that were following him with their eyes were completely surprised. Dazed and confused at the same time, they doubted whether Charlie was serious or not when he said those words.

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