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   Chapter 1176 Extra Story 66 Of Charlie Losing The Citadel

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Updated: 2019-08-11 12:46

LOL's words immediately made the entire group's channel fall silent. He just blurted out the truth right in Evelyn's face. Hearing those words, even Elsa, who was always slow-witted, realized that LOL had pulled a tiger's tail. Thus, she thought it was better for her to keep silent.

[Group] Rose In The Field: LOL, you are screwed... Legend Past just smashed the mouse in anger.

[Group] LOL: ...

[Group] LOL: Today, they have come well prepared. Perhaps the professionals they've hired have clearly known what you are good at and have found tricks to fight against you. And so, are you sure that your plan will succeed? In addition, I guess that members of After Your Birth might know a lot about your temperament. Now, they really hope that you will make some troubles. Then, they will find a way to get you out of this game all your life.

[Group] LOL: Okay. Forget about it... Now, I only want to know if you are going to kill them or not. If yes, I will join you. If the worst would come to the worst, I will be glad to die with your company.

[Group] Legendary Past: Get lost!

[Group] LOL: Lost? I'm only lost in your love.

[Group] Legendary Past: (blank message)

[Group] Legendary Past: LOL, I dare you to come to fight me in the Diving Dragon Forum. I will marry you and change my family name to yours if I can't kill you to Level Zero.

[Group] LOL: Well, if that's what you want, everyone here will be my witness. You shall keep your promise if you lose the game.

[Group] Legendary Past: Yes, I will. Do you dare?

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: Ah, Past, that's a bad idea! You can't marry him and use his family name. Oh, haven't you sworn to me that we will be bosom friends all our lives? Haven't you promised that we will be always together? Then, why did you make that promise to him?

[Group] Sweet Dream: ...

[Group] I Can't Afford Love Games: Dangerous Beauty, bad guys are doomed to divorce even if they get married!

[Group] I Can't Afford to Lose in Love: Honey, you are right!

Disturbed by the fierce arguments in the World channel, Madness Is Good fell silent and serious. But now, Ezra was trying to please the woman he loved. So far, another 20 minutes had passed and the game was still in a heated turmoil. The batt


Surprised at her sudden outburst, Elsa's mouth twitched as she replied, "In your case, you won't get fat no matter how much you eat. But I will."

"It doesn't matter. I like you even if you are fat. You still look as cute as before when you were still a little girl," with his eyes fixed on the road, Charlie responded in good time.

Actually, Elsa was not fat when she was a kid, she only had baby fat. But just now, Charlie even said she was fat. Upon hearing this, Elsa puckered her lips and felt a little upset.

Sensing her change in mood by the way she furrowed her eyebrows, Charlie threw a glance sideways at Elsa who was sitting on the passenger seat beside him. As he saw the scorn on Elsa's face, he cracked a radiant smile and consoled her in a gentle tone, "Okay. I've found that I made a mistake. You are not fat. You are just a little plump." After saying that to Elsa, the smile on his face became more radiant at the corners of his mouth.

"Charlie, it is rather weird to hear sweet words from the mouth of a freak like you." In her effort to defend Elsa, Evelyn said very rudely. Then, she switched her attention to Elsa and added, "Elsa, I have doubled my orders and ordered the same food for you."

"What? Seriously?" With her mouth opened in disbelief, Elsa replied, "You get used to eating that much. How can I eat as much as you can?" As soon as she blurted out the words, she abruptly covered her mouth with her hand, innocently stared at Evelyn and continued, "Err...

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