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   Chapter 1175 Extra Story 65 Of Charlie Losing The Citadel

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7861

Updated: 2019-08-11 00:16

Urban warfare could happen at any moment.

In this world, where there were people, there were quarrels and arguments that rose up with the demands for power, money and attention. Taking these things into consideration, people even hated and fight each other for fame, wealth and status in virtual games. After all, games were manipulated by people who had different emotions and desires, despite the fact that they were virtual.

[World] Wandering Ghost: Damn it! I wanted to be a mere spectator, but I ended up killed by the battling players every time I got closer...

[World] Reporter Little Sweetheart: For this urban warfare, I spent 5, 000 Gold on buying invisibility runes. But these runes didn't work at all. All the other opponents used their best unique skills that even I myself couldn't escape away from their assaults even for one second during the buffer.

[World] Reporter Little Speaker: Remember I told you before that the invisibility runes were useless and I even persuaded you not to buy them, but you didn't believe me. It was really a waste of money.

[World] Licking: Oh, my god! The Creepy Group's attacks are so fierce as if they were high on drugs.

[World] Wind Swordsman: It seems that the Creepy Group adopts different fighting tactics this time.

As soon as Wind Swordsman commented about the Creepy Group's attack skills, all others who were still watching the warfare were suddenly puzzled. Wind Swordsman was especially in charge of writing posts about the warfare progress for Dragon Leaping. He was well known among forums. Generally, his analysis was quite pertinent and accurate. One would absolutely feel as if he or she was taking part in the warfare while reading his posts about the progress of the warfare.

[World] Wind Blowing Butt: I agree with Wind Swordsman. Today, the Creepy Group really fights very professionally. All the attacks, as well as the defense, were perfectly executed.

[World] Marshmallow: Oh! Does somebody here worry that their investors would lose? Thus, they are here finding an excuse for the failure?

[World] Little Acid: Sis, you've exactly guessed what they are thinking. Ha-ha! You've spoken the truth.

[World] Intoxicating Smile: Go to the hell! You know, guys from the Candy Group, you kept on echoing each other to ridicule other players. Do you think that yo

ery seriously in the face of defeat.

[Group] Rose In The Field: Damn it! I am going to kill them all.

[Group] LOL: Rose, wait for a moment.

[Group] LOL: Legendary Past has lost the city. If you rush to kill them right away, won't you tell them that you can't bear to lose?

[Group] Burning Red Heart: Yes, LOL is right. We shouldn't plan to do this until Silent Sorrow's fight is over. Legendary Past, what do you think?

[Group] Legendary Past: I badly want to kill them right away, but I would like to wait for a moment.

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: ...

Looking at the chat threads, some members who were idling around said nothing but typed many suspension points. There was no exception for Dangerous Beauty, who did nothing but protect Elsa.

[Group] Sweet Dream: Well, take it easy. It is just a game. Evelyn, don't be angry.

[Group] Legendary Past: Son of a bitch! I just can't let myself settle on this failure!

[Group] Sweet Dream: Well... Let's defeat them again next month? I'm sure we can be better in the next battle.

[Group] Legendary Past: Damn it! I will not complain at all if it was After Your Birth that beat us in person. But it freaks me a lot that for the purpose of defeating us, she even hired some professionals to operate for them. Shit. I really can't accept that. She's cheating! I find it hard to vent out my anger. I have to fight back.

[Group] LOL: Fight back? How? As you said, they have found some professionals to play for them. Then, how will you fight back? Do you think you can beat the professionals?

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