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   Chapter 1174 Extra Story 64 Of Charlie Urban Warfare

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5884

Updated: 2019-08-11 00:03

Elsa hiccoughed and stopped crying at once. Staring at his cute evil-like face, it took her a while to comprehend his words. She exclaimed, "You are such an evil boy. I'd rather never get married!" She stood up and ran away from him as fast as her little legs could carry her. Her figure disappeared slowly from his sight.

Charlie's smile widened as he slid through the pictures on his phone. The folder he was browsing was full of Elsa's pictures. Some of them were taken secretly while Elsa was still young. Some were taken by his people in the XK Intelligence Agency, and they had sent those pictures to him. And some of them were taken after he was transferred to A University. In addition to those, he took some photos himself when Elsa was unaware of his presence near her. He thought that he was being super creepy, but he wanted her picture anyway. Even though he had missed out on her for ten long years, he had grown up knowing that she was growing up with him. He had never taken his eyes off her, throughout the years.

A week passed by really fast. Soon, it was time for the urban warfare. After the battle, there would be one-month of urban defending. If this goal could be achieved every month, the one-month urban defending would bring about a considerable amount of revenue, which was an important source of income to build the city wall for the defending group. It was a risky bet for both parties.

During the urban warfare, users were quieter than usual due to the massacre, in the forum and in the game. Evelyn, the murdering maniac, was not too happy with the passive atmosphere. Bored guys seized this opportunity to kick off their plans to pursue their beloved ones. It fared well by leaps and bounds between Charlie and Elsa. Elsa wo

own groups. So could the defenders. Madness had thirty players in total, including some like Elsa, who wouldn't get involved in the battle. It was fortunate that they were all pretty competent players and could handle a battle against twenty enemies even after being divided into two groups.

[Group] Legendary Past: Keep in touch on YY. Beauty, go to Silent Sorrow's group. Your job is to protect your sister-in-law from danger.

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: ( ̄_,  ̄) Please make me your backup.

[Group] Legendary Past: When this urban warfare is over, I'd like you to be my backup at all times.

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: The queen is still so cruel and merciless.

None of them felt stressed out. They logged into YY, and created two audio rooms. They split into two groups and entered their own rooms. Legendary Past's group had seventeen members, while Silent Sorrow's had fifteen, besides Elsa.

Each team had professional attackers, defenders and Priests. They were all powerful. Even though Legendary Past had lesser members than their rivals, they were barely concerned about it. However, nobody could have ever imagined the outcome of this urban warfare.

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