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   Chapter 1173 Extra Story 63 Of Charlie Urban Warfare

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5919

Updated: 2019-08-10 10:39

[World] Silent Sorrow: I will give you one last chance during the urban warfare, eight days from now.

Obsession didn't reply, but After Your Birth and their group members did it in his name. After that, those guys went offline thinking lazily that it was merely a meaningless game. What was the worst that could happen?

Olivia shut down her laptop, and lay flat on her bed. She recalled everything that had happened that day—the events in the game, and the posts in the school forum. Why was Charlie concealing his last name? Why did he remain ambiguous about Evelyn? Why wasn't he explaining his real relationship with Evelyn to others?

"Olivia..." Anna called, concerned about Olivia's constant tossing and turning. She got up and asked, "What's wrong?"

Realizing that Anna hadn't fallen asleep yet, Olivia chose to get down from her bed and explained her concerns. Finally, she asked, "Isn't Charlie serious about Elsa? Or does he have other issues bothering him?"

Compared to her roommates, Anna tended to be much more rational and view the whole picture. She was always like that because she was taught to think twice before making any decision. She analyzed carefully, "Charlie knows about Elsa better than anyone, and maybe he preferred to settle the dispute after lights out, so that she wouldn't get involved."

"Wouldn't it be more efficient to just tell the truth about his relationship with Evelyn?" Olivia argued.

After pondering on her point, Anna questioned her with a smile, "Since Charlie and Evelyn are from the Long Family, won't revealing their true identities bring harm to Elsa? That could be a reason."

Olivia found it hard to comprehend.

Anna heaved a sigh seeing her unsatisfied expression. She put it in another way, "Long F

reamed as she wiped her eyes.

"Charlie, you are such a bad boy. I'm going to tell the teacher about what you did to me," she said, sobbing.

"All right, please stop. I didn't mean it!" Despite his frequent teasing of Elsa, he spared no effort in trying to console her. He had never seen her cry in front of him before that day. However, his words didn't comfort her. She cried louder instead after he tried to console her.

Charlie couldn't figure out why he was so bad at making Elsa happy, when he was incredibly good at cheering Evelyn up.

He turned on his cellphone and opened the camera in his phone. "Elsa, please stop crying. If you don't, I will take a picture of your weeping face and show it to everyone." He clicked a picture of her at the time since she wouldn't stop crying.

"Wow, that's a cute picture."

Instead of ceasing her cries, Elsa screamed louder.

Charlie was flustered by her cries, so he crouched down to wipe her eyes gently and kept making her small promises, but nothing worked. His pacifying surprisingly ended up with his improvised words, "Alright, okay. I will be responsible for you from today. I will marry you when we grow up!"

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