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   Chapter 1172 Extra Story 62 Of Charlie Urban Warfare

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[World] Silent Sorrow: Wasn't it your plan to start this all over?

[World] After Your Birth: What do you mean?

[World] Silent Sorrow: We will see.

After that, Charlie remained silent no matter how much After Your Birth or Creepy Group tried to provoke him. He preferred to exert mental pressure on his opponents. But dealing with Rita took little effort. That woman was really stupid.

There was a lot of noise in the World channel, but it was merely exchange of words between Dragon Leaping and Dragon Yelling. To be more precise, it was the Creepy Group and Candy Group kept sending message in the World channel until everyone felt deeply annoyed and joined the verbal battle.

Elsa seldom browsed the World channel. Messaging in World channel did not come free of cost. Many of her friends and group members used the channel and saved their data and messages. But sending one message in the channel cost one dollar in the physical world. That was money Elsa could not afford.

But Olivia had the privilege to spend a few extra dollars, and she had already uploaded the game after the server was merged. Merely a day had passed since the merger, and people were already competing to spend lavishly, which in turn contributed to Dragon's revenue.

Olivia quietly mined in the safe regions, while closely paying attention to what was happening in the World channel. At the moment, it was impossible to elevate the player level by engaging in fights in the jungles. The only thing to do was to save some equipment and forge medicines in the safe regions.

A considerable amount of anonymous accounts surged into the server, naming themselves from 'Sweet Dream's Supporter A', 'Sweet Dream's Supporter B' to 'Sweet Dream's Supporter Z'. The user names looked like typical anonymous accounts, which had magnificent power to send an overwhelming number of messages to dominate the World channel. If someone sent a single text, it would soon be drowned in an explosive amount of messages from these anonymous accounts within mere seconds. Thus, being absent-minded for even one second meant that the message you wished to see would be nowhere to be found.

The World channel became peaceful once again due to these anonymous accounts, but

ely, the half-an-hour massacre lasted just until the wee hours, which would not delay the process of upgrading levels.

Observing the whining in the World channel and the messages popping from the system, Olivia raised her hand to her chin, absorbed in thought. Dragon was a game that lured you to spend money like water. The simple reason was its elaborate animation and various engaging tasks which never failed to draw its users' interest. So, there was never a shortage of fans for Dragon since its advent. Of course, games never do well without the wealthy guys making in-game purchases. And there were a greater number of rich guys in Dragon than any other games. So in the end, the competition was higher in Dragon than any other games, turning it into a symbol of status and power, even though it was just a game.

Even before it was unveiled that Silent Sorrow was Charlie, he was known as a legendary player in Dragon Leaping. Now that his identity was revealed, a number of questions emerged. Like, for example, when Elsa was still with Allen, Charlie stayed in the background. But when they broke up, he soon came into view. If he had had a crush on Elsa from his childhood, then this made complete sense.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Let's put a stop to this!

[World] Silent Sorrow: Obsession, I will teach you a good lesson today. There are people in the world who you are not allowed to offend. If you dare to do this one more time, you will suffer loses outside this game as well.

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