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   Chapter 1171 Extra Story 61 Of Charlie Gossip

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Evelyn was still typing to fuel the fire in the forum. She shook her head and said, "I don't even know this guy. Stop putting blame on others. I don't care who he is, but he is making things more complicated."

A University had been the most popular university in A City for the past decade, not only because the graduates had much achievements in different areas, but also because many wealthy families and government officials sent their children here. These students with their powerful backgrounds could easily create gossips about themselves and others. If things went off track, these gossips could even end up in the newspapers.

Fear was a novel word as far as Evelyn was concerned. It was all thanks to her spoiled upbringing. The Long Family protected her from all sides. Nothing could touch her, and even if it did, it would instantly be cleared by her father, uncle and her brothers. She had become the rebellious sister, who always caused troubles for her brothers. However, both Charlie and Addison enjoyed her playfulness, so there was no reason for Evelyn to change.

While Evelyn was in high spirits dealing with the forum, Elsa's mood was down the gutter. She wasn't the type to browse forums—game or school forum. But the other three were into it. After reading the article in the forum, Ann and the others were pissed off.

"What's wrong with this Charlie? We regarded him as the prince charming. How could he go and flirt with two women at the same time?"

"What a scum!"

"Such an asshole!"

When Elsa heard them angrily cursing Charlie, she furrowed her eyebrows and said, "He is an asshole, but he is not flirting with two women simultaneously."

"Elsa, just take a look at this." Anna brought her laptop to Elsa and pointed to the screen, which showed the hot post. She even clicked on the reply by "Snow And Snow". "Look at this! Everyone is saying that you and Charlie are both third wheels. It says that he ruined the relationship between you and Allen, while you intruded into the relationship between him and Evelyn. And what's more, Charlie has a group of people supporting him, but you don't. In the end, everyone is pointing finger at you! As much as we want to support you, we can't win this fight."

Elsa was intently reading the post, and didn't take in a word Anna had said. She just curiously read the passage and the replies on the screen. While her three roommates were confused as to why she wasn't angry at Charlie at all, Elsa shifted her eyes away from the screen and said coolly, "Charlie is Evelyn's elder brother." The three girls gaped at her in shock. Then she added in a serious tone, "They are twins."

They were struck speechless. They exchanged confused glances and unanimously voiced out, "Impossible!"

"It's true." Elsa shrugged. "Charlie Xia's real name is Charlie Long. He is Evelyn Long's elder brother. They are twins."

"What?! His surname is really Long?"

"Yes." Elsa nodded slightly. "I don't know why he changed his surname, but he really is Evelyn's brother."

The three of them

reply in the group. He scanned the comments in the World channel in the old Dragon Yelling and old Dragon Leaping. After thinking for a good while, he typed in the group channel.

[Group] Silent Sorrow: You guys have learned some nasty stuff from Legendary Past.

[Group] Legendary Past: Silent Sorrow, you don't like me being nasty anymore? You said that you loved me being fiery. To make you love me more, I chose to influence these people to become nasty as well.

[Group] Rose In The Field: He is going to love you more. Don't worry.

Charlie heaved a sigh, replied to Evelyn to solace her, and then changed to the World channel.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Stop gossiping about Sweet Dream. I don't care who you are, but if I see anyone doing it again, I will take action.

[World] Pants Have No Zipper: Wow, Silent Sorrow, you're too arrogant for your own good. You want to control our tongues? Interesting! I will see how you do it!

[World] Four-leaf Clover: Creepy Group, you guys stink! When did you last brush your teeth? Tell me. How many years ago? Or did you just eat shit? Is that why your mouths stink so much?

[World] Sign Up With School Uniform: Fuck you, Four-leaf Clover! Was life too easy for you in Dragon Leaping? Is that why you have come running to Dragon Yelling to become the obedient dog of Madness Is Good? Why are you barking so loudly? Are you licking their asses as we speak? Fuck you! ?."%...

[System] Because of the inappropriate language used by player "Sign Up With School Uniform", the player has been silenced for ten minutes.

The quarrel soon turned into a full blown fight. In less than half a minute, "Reporter Little Speaker" broadcasted, "Pants Have No Zipper" was slain by "Silent Sorrow" with just one skill!

[World] After Your Birth: Silent Sorrow, what is that supposed to mean? You said that no one is allowed to fight before the urban warfare. But you just killed Pants Have No Zipper.

Are you breaking your own word?

[World] Silent Sorrow: Isn't this what you wanted?

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