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   Chapter 1170 Extra Story 60 Of Charlie Gossip

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Charlie liked Ezra, not just because he had potential, but also because of his determination to be together with Evelyn. What Evelyn needed was not some cheesy prince who was madly in love with her; she needed a man who could face the Long Family, someone who could confidently stand beside her.

Undoubtedly, Ezra had done a great job in that aspect. He didn't have wealth that could match the Long Family, but he had more than enough strength and will. Only a person like him would be able to make Evelyn happy for the rest of her life.

"We'll see." Charlie's lips curled into a smile. Tipping his glass, he finished his drink. "You take care of the bill." He placed the glass on the table and walked away.

"Hey!" Ezra shouted, "You're kidding, right? Charlie! Charlie!" But Charlie didn't reply or turn around. Ezra realized that he wasn't kidding at all. Slamming his wine glass down, he chased after Charlie. "This would easily cost more than ten million. Are you trying to get me broke?"

"You don't have to worry. You can sell yourself to Shaun," Charlie replied flatly.

Ezra turned to look at the mess inside, then he closed the door and walked out of Shaun's house with Charlie. He mumbled, "How about... I sell myself to you?"

"Hmm, that should work as well." He scanned Ezra from top to bottom and said, "But... you are not worth that much."

Ezra growled. Clenching his teeth, he asked, "Can you just say something nice for a change?"

Charlie shrugged and walked towards his car. When he was about to open the door, his phone rang.

He took out his phone and glanced at the caller ID. Picking it up, he said gently, "What's up?"

"Charlie, where are you?" Evelyn asked anxiously.

Charlie glanced at Ezra, who was leaning against the car. "I was just talking to Shaun regarding the cooperation. Why? Are you hungry? Or—"

"This is not the time for food!" Evelyn cut him off. "Check the school's forum. It's gone crazy!"

Charlie frowned. Keeping the call connected, he opened his browser to check the forum. The bold golden word "HOT" instantly caught his eyes. Judging from the color, Charlie could tell that it was indeed a hot post.

He looked at the amount of views and replies. The numbers were huge. Placing the phone back on his ear, he asked coldly, "Who did this?"


f-disvalue'? Seriously, what the fuck?!"

Bess rolled her eyes. "Yeah, they shouldn't have said that."


"You are just a psychopath, not someone suffering inferiority complex."


Sometimes Bess would think, if Evelyn were her sister and did everything according to her whims regardless of the consequence, she would be so enraged that she would tie her up and drown her in the nearest river. She truly admired Charlie for his patience. 'How can he even stand to have such a selfish sister around, not to mention take care of her so well?' she wondered.

Love Snow 1314: Charlie, you've crossed the line! You promised me that you would be with Evelyn forever. That's why I gave up on her and wished you well. I even left Evelyn's school just to be away from her. And after all that, you go and do this to her!

"Who the hell is this 'Love Snow 1314'?" Evelyn squinted at the post. "Why is he making things up?"

"It's happening all the time around you," Bess said, shaking her head. She folded her legs to her chest and curled up on the chair while Evelyn typed something enthusiastically on the keyboard. She was just bemused. Evelyn was definitely the black sheep of the Long Family. Calling her ugly would be an overstatement, but she was definitely not beautiful or enchanting, except for her eyes, maybe. It was just that this girl attracted a pool of boys. Evelyn might not have been aware of this, but an army of boys were being blocked by Charlie at all times before they even could get anywhere near her.

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