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   Chapter 1169 Extra Story 59 Of Charlie To Face It

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5532

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Before Ezra could finish his sentence, he felt a tightly clenched fist smashing into his jaw, dropping him to the floor and replacing his words with moans of pain.

Shaun's hand was stuck in mid-air, trying to block the punch, but he failed. Looking at Ezra wriggling on the floor and clutching his face in pain, Shaun turned to Charlie and pleaded, "Hey! Let's talk it out like civilized men."

"This is the price you have to pay for mistreating Evelyn," said Charlie with fury.

Blood pooled in Ezra's mouth as he gagged and spat it out. Gritting his teeth, he wiped the blood from his lips with his hand leaving behind a red smear on his face. Eyes narrowed in determination, for a brief moment he caught his breath before sprang up and delivered a surprise punch to Charlie's stomach.

"Revenge is best served cold!"

Stumbling apart for a moment, they dived back at each other, growling infuriatedly. Shaun helplessly scrambled around to stop them. His concern wasn't about them fighting, but rather about the place where they were fighting in.

"Hello, I don't care if you kill each other, but can you not destroy this place?"

"Bang! Dong!"

Just as the words left Shaun's mouth, Ezra kicked a porcelain vase, causing it to shatter as soon as it touched the ground.

Shaun gazed at the broken items on the floor and felt heart-broken. "I paid over one million for that in a private auction. Who's going to pay for all this?"

"Charlie will pay for you!" Ezra shouted. Then he punched at Charlie again.

The two got to know each other properly because of a misunderstanding that resulted in an epic fist-fight. That day they both re

nk about that... do you think you would still be drinking wine right now?"

Charlie jeered.

Ezra was about to lift the glass of wine to his lips. When he heard Charlie's arrogant response, his hand paused. Putting up a bitter smile and taking a sip of the wine, he said, "Charlie, I have no choice. I want my relationship with Evelyn to be like the one between you and Elsa. But Elsa and Evelyn are different, both in terms of personality and experience." Both of them were taken care of by their respective families. Elsa was born in a middle-class family, while Evelyn was born in the Long Family, one of the most powerful families in the city.

Charlie gripped the glass tightly in his hand. Raising his head, he gazed at Ezra for a moment. Finally, he made a decision. "I'll give you three months. I won't intervene in any matter between you and Evelyn. If you can't turn things around in three months, you should give up."

"That's more than I could ask for!" Ezra replied firmly.

Confidence was well written on his face. It was the same confident look he had when he was at the court.

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