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   Chapter 1168 Extra Story 58 Of Charlie To Face It

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The more she thought about it, the more sorrowful she became. Tiny beads of tears formed in her big beautiful eyes and her eyelashes quivered. The pitiful look on her face would urge anyone who saw her to hug and console her.

"I'm sorry. I... I shouldn't have laughed." Elsa quickly followed Evelyn. Stuttering, she sincerely apologized, "Hmm... Evelyn... I am so sorry... You can laugh at me as well. Many people laugh at me. It's okay. Evelyn, please don't cry." The more she consoled her, the louder Evelyn's wails echoed, which made Elsa feel helpless.

In the meantime, Charlie parked the car to the side of the ride and got off. Instead of walking over to the girls, he hoisted himself up onto the hood of the car and sat down at the engine cover with his legs crossed, arms folded in a casual manner.

In the family, Evelyn was without rival an epicure and a connoisseur of food, and she associated no stigma with that epithet. Perhaps it was because no matter how much she ate, she'd never put on the weight. By some miraculous stroke of luck, she managed to stay very slim and fit, despite having such a good appetite. Evelyn was the kind of person who wouldn't be bothered by anything. She would take things as they were without giving it a second thought. When she felt happy, she would laugh; when she felt annoyed, she would turn angry. But she rarely cried. The Long Family wouldn't even allow the chance for her to cry.

Only the Long Family knew that even though Evelyn behaved like a man on the outside, she was quite vulnerable and sensitive on the inside. She was especially vulnerable when it came to the things she cared about a lot.

After some time, Elsa winked at Charlie asking for his help, but he just ignored the signal sent by Elsa, letting Evelyn cry

while, he said, "Evelyn may not look like it. After all, the Long family has a reputation for coming off as strong, self-effacing people, but deep down she has a sensitive heart. You're being too hasty." He shook his head. "Your methods are only going to yield the undesirable results."

Ezra took down his spectacles, slowly placing it on the counter of the bar. His eye sight was not bad to the point that he couldn't survive without glasses.

Since he was a bad-tempered young man who looked well below his age, the glasses had become his camouflage to hide the qualities that weren't ideal for him to be a lawyer.

He swirled the whiskey in his square-shaped glass, listening to the chinking of the ice cubes, breathing in a fragrance that only years in an oak barrel could achieve. Taking a sip from his glass, he sighed, "This is the only way. I can't think of any other way to tell Evelyn that she has to leave Long Family one day!" He downed the rest of his drink in one gulp and banged the empty glass on the counter, making a heavy sound. "Mr. Lu, you have known Charlie for quite a long time. Isn't it weird how much he loves his sister? And you know Addison, he... Ahh..."

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