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   Chapter 1167 Extra Story 57 Of Charlie To Face It

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"And the person is..."

"Definitely not you!" Evelyn cut him off. Rolling her eyes at him, she tugged at Bess' arm and said, "Bess, let's go."

However, Bess was too dizzy to stand, having barely recovered from the last ride. Abruptly she wheezed and slumped back in the seat, one stiff, hand to her chest. She pleaded, "My lady, please spare me. I just want to save some energy to join the game in the evening. You don't want me to lose the game, do you?"

Bess sprang up and turned to look at Ezra. "Please..." Bess winked an eye and gestured at Ezra with two very cautious nods in Evelyn's direction. "Well?"

Ezra shrugged his shoulders, allowing a simper to play on his face, pretending as though he didn't see Bess's cue. Bess always helped Evelyn to bully him. Adjusting his glasses, his face cracked into a smirk. He wasn't the kind of man who readily forgave those who had wronged him, especially the likes of Bess. Whether it was personal or impersonal, mattered very little, as he wasn't going to let this opportunity of revenge slip through his fingers. The memories of all the trouble she had caused him in the past was still fresh in his mind. If it weren't for Addison's help, he would have suffered a lot.

The moment Bess saw the evil smile on Ezra's lips, she immediately understood what he was calculating. Brows furrowed, she took a glimpse at Evelyn and jeered. Then she pretended as though she was going to follow Evelyn.

In his heart, Ezra cursed Bess for at least a thousand times, but on the surface, he showed none of it. Just as Bess had expected, Ezra dashed forward to take Evelyn's arm from hers. "I'll go with you, Evelyn."

"Hey! Ezra, are you crazy? I don't want you to go with me! Let's me go! Hey!" Evelyn yelled.

Leaning against the wall, Bess happily watched Ezra pull Evelyn away, who was still complaining without pause. Bess shot a meaningful look at Ezra and jested, "Ezra, how much will you pay me for the matchmaking? Ha-ha." Then, in a pensive mood, she looked up, eyes on nothing in particular, her fingers coming up to tap her chin. "Hmm... How about 880, 000*?

(*TN: a lucky number meaning getting rich) That's a lucky number, isn't it?" Bess snapped her fingers and her eyes lit up like fire

Charlie leaned back casually and looked at Evelyn's face in the mirror. "She lost in an argument! I'm sure she's mad!"

"I can't lose an argument I didn't have, Charlie!" Evelyn snapped back. Funnily enough, in the first half of the sentence she denied being angry, but her second reaction completely gave her away. When it came to Ezra, she seemed to turn into a silly state.

Even Elsa, who was slightly slow in processing information generally, found the contradiction in Evelyn's words. She suppressed her desire to laugh so hard that her face turned red.


Suddenly, Evelyn slammed on the brakes, bringing the car to an abrupt halt, the inertia causing Elsa to jackknife forward in her seat. Fortunately, just before the collision between her forehead and the seat, she was pulled back by a strong arm.

"Charlie, you are an asshole!" Evelyn roared, after she got off the car, she slammed the door, completely disregarding the fact that she was parked in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, the other cars behind her had to stop or swerve away just to avoid careening into her car.

"Beep— Beep— Beep— Beep—"

Turning a deaf ear to the angry honks, Evelyn just walked to the pavement. Ever since she was a young girl, everyone in the family doted on her. Even after she went to school, no one had ever treated her badly. Those who disliked her would simply stay away from her. No one in her life had ever made her feel such embarrassment in front of others like Ezra did.

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