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   Chapter 1166 Extra Story 56 Of Charlie The Party Of Madness Is Good Group

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"Ah, that sounds like a good idea. I agree with your thoughts because the majority business of The Flight Media isn't games development. With the help of The Dream Media, the company will finally have the chance to diversify its development in the field of film and television. On the other hand, Dragon will have more room to grow in the Dragon Empire Group," Shaun Lu nodded.

Most of the male players had their own businesses or were prepared to take over their family affairs in the future. Shaun Lu was running the largest company among them. Charlie's company was not bad, he had the Dragon Empire Group. But at present, he was only managing the game, Dragon.

"I'm very happy to hear that. And I hope that I will have your support moving forward," Charlie said, smiling. He then stood up and stretched his arm out to pass Elsa the apples. "Oh, my God, what a sweet couple!" the girls chanted in chorus, moved by Charlie's gesture. Immediately, they broke into discussions about Charlie and Elsa. The chatter, the bustle and the noise filled the whole villa.

Charlie wanted Elsa to fit in his circles, so he introduced her to his friends. He knew that Elsa was a girl with a background far different from theirs. But he didn't care about the fact that she had not come from a prominent family. He just wanted her to know how much he cherished her. She felt bad about herself and thought that she was the oddball out of the lot, but Charlie wanted her to know that she was the princess of his heart.

The guys were drawn to the conversation between Charlie and Shaun Lu, like moths to flames, as the two men were known for having a high level of business acumen. They were taken by curiosity, eager to hear about Charlie and Shaun Lu's developme

she would see the day when Charlie would be playing in a merry-go-round. She rubbed her eyes and shook her head to make sure that her eyes weren't betraying her. "Oh, my God, Bess, I can't believe it! Look at Charlie playing on the merry-go-round!

I never thought I would see this side of him. Unbelievable," Evelyn said.

"Yeah, you should also find a sweet and gentle guy to play the merry-go-round with," Bess replied, tipping her a wink.

"What do you mean?" Evelyn was puzzled.

"Evelyn, you are a smart girl, but sometimes you can be very stupid. Charlie is a great brother and he treats you very well, but now he has a girlfriend. He will not always be there for you. That's all," Bess explained.

"I know that he won't be with me all the time. It doesn't matter. Elsa is a cute girl and I like her," Evelyn said with a smile.

Bess took a deep breath and added, "No, you don't understand. I mean..."

But before she could finish, Ezra came up to them and said, "She means that you should find a boyfriend. And let him be there for you, take care of you and treat you as if you are his whole world."

He stood in front of Evelyn, smiling at her.

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