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   Chapter 1165 Extra Story 55 Of Charlie The Party Of Madness Is Good Group

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However, being around these people made Elsa feel bad about herself. Comparing herself to the others, she felt like a mediocre person.

"Elsa, what are you thinking about?" asked Evelyn, as though she had sensed Elsa's troubles. "I think you are awesome. Charlie loves me because I'm his sister. But you, you are his first love and no one could be compared to you. My brother has never been in love with another person before. That makes you very special. Only you can make his heart skip a beat like how it is doing right now. You should be more confident, honey," she added, giving Elsa a roguish wink.

Elsa shrugged her shoulders, not knowing how to respond to Evelyn's words.

Perhaps she wanted to say that she knew very little about romance, let alone had power over Charlie's heart. Somehow, she had become Charlie's girlfriend even though Charlie had never told her how he felt about her.

The villa was fuller than before. The chefs of the villa cooked many delicious dishes for the guests. Since Evelyn's taste in food ranged from different cuisines, her parents had hired a cordon bleu chef for her. Although Evelyn lived in campus, she could eat whatever her heart desired when she went back home.

The voices of hearty laughter and joyful conversations echoed through the halls of the villa. When Bess joined them an hour later, she was greeted with rapturous applause and a glass of wine. After some time, the players divided into two groups: male and female. Elsa assumed that the girls would most likely be talking about fashion, designer clothes or bags, but to her surprise, the most common topic of conversation between them were the latest gossips about which player was in love or which player had the most secret admirers. Eventually, Elsa became the subject of the gossip. As soon as she realized it, she tried to change the subject.

"Well, it's not always rainbows and butterflies b

ins," said Ezra, clapping his hands jokingly.

"You know, I'm very worried about Little Bun. It isn't safe for her to be with someone like Charlie, because he is a sick bastard," sighed Evan Meng, as his shoulders drooped in dejection.

"Uh, if you worried about Elsa, maybe you should take her place and test Charlie for her," Shaun Lu teased him.

"No, no, no. I appreciate your kind offer but I cannot accept it. I trust Little Bun. I'm sure that she is perfectly capable of handling Charlie," Evan Meng immediately shook his head and made a hasty answer.

Evan Meng knew that Shaun Lu bore him no ill will, because all of them were from the "Madness Is Good". They shared similar interests and a mutual respect for each other. They would not hurt each other because of a mere conflict of interest.

Shaun Lu shrugged his shoulders as he heard Evan Meng's words. He then turned to Charlie and asked, "I've heard that you're planning to separate Dragon from The Flight Media?"

"Yes, that's true. Although the scale of the Dragon is continuing to grow, I still want it to grow a bit more. I'm designing another game right now and I think this is the right time to incorporate Dragon into the Dragon Empire Group," Charlie replied as he put the apples in a plate.

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