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   Chapter 1164 Extra Story 54 Of Charlie The Party Of Madness Is Good Group

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"You look charming when you smile," Elsa blurted it out. Her face was suddenly kissed pink like a spring rose, the blooming color, so cute against her smooth skin. The intensity of the man's gaze made her want to make a run for it.

With a smile of apparent amusement, he stared at her for a long time, so while his gaze was soft he didn't drop his eyes for a moment. The moment their eyes locked, Elsa's blush seared through her cheeks as though her face was on fire.

Their shadows lengthened with the sinking sun shining brightly on their faces. They watched the pinks, purples, blues and golden colors of the sky melt together into a picture-perfect sunrise. 'If only I could freeze this moment in time so that Elsa would just remember this happy moment and forget all the unpleasant ones with me from our childhood, ' Charlie thought.

Amused, Evelyn raised an eyebrow and then rolled her eyes at Elsa and Charlie.

"Oh please, get a room! Or maybe I should just leave you to your soap opera? Charlie plays the leading man and Elsa, the leading woman, the queen of his heart! A heart-warming love story! You two adore each other but you are afraid to confess your true feelings to the other. Then, against all doubts, you finally express your undying love for each other. Charlie stretches out his hand to hold Elsa's hand, just like this," Evelyn said as she stretched out her left hand to hold her right hand. "And then you kiss each other. Ah, a happy ending for you! The end!" she added, her puckish grin widened.

Charlie smiled, placing his palm to his face and shaking his head. He then turned around to face Elsa. She turned her head to the side to avert his gaze, but the sudden rosiness of her cheeks gave her away.

Suddenly, the sound of engine revving interrupted their heart-warming moment. Charlie, Evelyn and Elsa looked over the villa's gate and saw a black limo driving in and parking right beside Evelyn's luxurious sports car.

"Humph. Some Douche Bag arrives!" Evelyn said, staring at the black car. Quickly turning around, she grinned and scampered off into the villa.

Taken by curiosity, Elsa squinted her eyes at the black car, trying hard to see who was inside. A few seconds later, the door was pushed open from the inside

convincing. With just one line Charlie managed to tell everyone that Elsa was his girl and warned them not to try anything inappropriate with her. If anyone were to do something stupid, like Evan Meng did earlier, they would have to face the consequences.

After all the players gave their blessings to Charlie, the male players took turns to reintroduce themselves to Elsa. "Elsa, my name is Dangerous Beauty.

I'm endowed with a natural beauty that's too hard to hide," Evan Meng used a quote from an ancient Chinese poem to describe his appearance.

After a while, almost every male player managed to clear their individual names, except Ice Is Water Awake.

"Hello, Elsa, I'm Ice Is Water Awake, Shaun Lu. I'm older than you and Charlie. Maybe you can call me big brother," he briefly told Elsa. Judging from first impressions, he was a straight-forward fellow with a very pleasant voice.

Elsa looked at all the people around her and smiled. She knew that the players of "Madness Is Good" had known each other for a long time, but she didn't know that they were so close to each other. Everyone got her thinking about an old Chinese saying, "Birds of a feather flock together." This meant that people who were alike often became friends or spent time together. Perhaps being successful and ambitious was a commonality that bound them together. Some of them were very good at school. While the others, either came from prominent families, or started their own business when they were at school.

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