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   Chapter 1163 Extra Story 53 Of Charlie Game And Reality

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Being brought up in a family that was involved in risk management, she had an innate sense of danger. Despite the distance between her and Charlie, she could still sense the danger and threat behind his eyes, which seemed to engulf Allen whole.

Rita glimpsed at Allen and slowly said, "I don't know who this Charlie character is, and I couldn't care less if he likes Evelyn or Elsa. It has nothing to do with me. However, he better not cause me any trouble, or else there will be hell to pay!"

Yasmin Lu heaved out a sigh. "Rita, you should feel happy. If Charlie pairs up with Elsa, then you don't have to worry about Allen anymore," she said with a knowing smile and pulled Rita to the lecture building with her.


Elsa sat in the car with her hand holding tightly onto the door, and her body pushed hard back against the seat. Her eyes were wide open with fear as she stared out of the window. Feeling extremely tense, she called out, "Evelyn! Can... can you please slow down?"

"It's not fast." Evelyn put on an innocent look. She checked the speedometer, which showed 100 km per hour. "It's already very slow."

Elsa felt like crying. Maybe the speed was slow on the highway, but they were in the city, a built-up area, which had heavy traffic and people everywhere. Evelyn drove like nobody's business, surpassing one car after another and weaving in and out of them at high speed. Elsa almost felt her heart jumping out of her throat.

Charlie was focused on his phone. Without even lifting his head, he said flatly, "Evelyn is already being considerate. When it's just the two of us in the car, she usually drives at over

ryone takes one new friend. Like that." She was right. Some of them were her friends, some were Charlie's, and some were Ezra's. That was how everyone got to know each other in a roundabout way.

Thinking of that, Evelyn abruptly stopped in her tracks. She turned to look at the cars, and her face looked like she was bothered by something.

"Evelyn, what's wrong?" Elsa asked, noticing the discontent written on her face.

"Someone isn't here yet. Evelyn feels upset." It was Charlie who answered Elsa. He seemed to be making fun of Evelyn. She snapped back at him, "You're as annoying as Ezra!" Charlie burst into laughter when he heard her reply because he knew he was right.

Elsa was still confused about what was going on and whom they were talking about. However, when she glanced at Charlie, she was dazed when she saw how he was laughing so candidly. She blurted out, "When you laugh, you look awesome." The next moment, her face turning burning red. 'Oops. What did I just say?' she thought.

Under the intent gaze of Charlie, she wanted the earth to open up and swallow her.

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