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   Chapter 1162 Extra Story 52 Of Charlie Game And Reality

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6128

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But her first love... Although Charlie was unwilling to admit the fact that Allen was her first love and thought that he should have been, after all, they had known each other the longest, since kindergarten.

However, he knew that Allen had hurt Elsa deeply. Charlie had tried many other ways to soothe her and distract her from her heartbreak. He wanted to occupy her with many other pleasant things, so she had no room for sorrow in her heart. However, Allen stubbornly wouldn't leave her alone, either in the game or in reality. Charlie felt he had no other choice but to make Allen never think about Elsa again.

"Charlie, let's go," Evelyn said hugging Charlie's arm and looking at him as if he had enchanted her. "You said you were going to buy Elsa some new clothes. After we get something to eat, then we'll go shopping. I can buy you some clothes too and some for Elsa as well."

Charlie knew that Evelyn was playing a prank again, so he just went along with it. When he saw the confused frown on Elsa's face, and she was about to say something, he grabbed her shoulder, signaling for her to keep quiet. A few seconds later, Allen couldn't suppress his anger anymore and blew a fuse.

"Evelyn, how could you fall for Charlie? He is flirting with Elsa right in front of you. Don't you feel angry and jealous?" Allen was in a conundrum. Even though Charlie was good-looking, that didn't justify Evelyn's love for him. After all, he had just expressed his desire for Elsa. How could Evelyn accept that so calmly?

Evelyn put on a sad face and looked down. Though she didn't have an enchanting appearance, her eyes were just amazing. The pair of beautiful eyes framed with the long, curly eyelashes, seemed to speak about her sorrow. Every time she played pity, she could elicit any man's desire to protect her.

Of cour

e Elsa, both in the game and in real life. If you do, I will turn a blind eye to this ever happening. Alternatively, if you choose not to. Then you won't continue to stay at A University or even A City!"

Frowning, Charlie sighed and shot Allen a meaningful glance before he turned and left. While walking away, he said, "Some things may not be as they appear to be. What you firmly believe in might be wrong. Good luck, Allen!"

Allen clenched his fists so hard that he could hear the popping sound between his joints. At this moment, a cold breeze swept across, making him appear insidious and cold-blooded.

Rita stood with her arms crossed, staring in the direction of Allen and Charlie some distance away from them. Then she uttered, "Who is this Charlie?"

Standing beside Rita was her roommate, Yasmin Lu. Her father was the owner of one of the big risk investment companies in A City. Upon hearing Rita's words, she replied, "We couldn't hear what they just said, but..." She paused for a moment in thought and then looked at Rita and asked, "Did you see Charlie's eyes just now?" Yasmin Lu felt a cold shiver run down her spine. "The way he looked at Allen, I had the feeling that his eyes weren't human."

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