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   Chapter 1161 Extra Story 51 Of Charlie Game And Reality

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Today, Allen had no lesson as well. Early in the morning, he planned to go back to the company to sort out some matters. However, the moment Allen stepped out of the student hall, he saw Charlie and Evelyn walking to the student hall where Elsa stayed. On instinct, he followed them.

In order not to get discovered, he cautiously kept a safe distance from them. From afar, he could see the two had stopped at the tree near the hall and started chatting. Evelyn was swinging Charlie's arm, saying something which he couldn't hear. Evelyn wasn't the type of girl that would immediately grab your attention with her beauty. However, at this moment, her smile had made her very appealing.

What was most peculiar about all of this was that Charlie didn't show a single trace of impatience on his face. He even pulled out his handkerchief and dabbed at the sweat that was on her forehead while he said something to Evelyn. She then contently scooped his arm and lay her head on his shoulder.

All that Allen knew of Evelyn was that her family was rich. He didn't know what background Evelyn had, but he had heard that she had something to do with the Dragon Empire Group. The amount of wealth that Evelyn's family might have was just unfathomable. She had a crowd of followers. However, it was questionable if that crowd was following her because they liked her or whether it was because of her background and wealth. That was a question worth pondering over. Either way, Evelyn didn't care too much about the followers. The only person that she was close to was Charlie.

Charlie had excellent grades. His roommate was Yusuf Mu, a nerd. Both of them were the top students in their respective faculty. Yusuf Mu was on a scholarship program by the school, which covered all his tuition fees and accommodation fees. When Charlie was transferred to the school, he was paired up with Yusuf Mu to share the same double-room in the student dormitory. Naturally, the rest of the students assumed that Yusuf Mu's new roommate would also have good grades like he did since they were put together.

To the other male students, Charlie seemed to have it all. He was handsome, athletic, and smart. They didn't even want to think about the possibility that he might have a powerful family background as well

thought. He questioned angrily, "Elsa, is this your choice? Even if you want to irritate me purposely, you don't have to do this." Becoming angrier, he suddenly stepped forward and grabbed her arm. "Come with me!"

"Why should I go with you?" Even though Elsa was usually a soft and well-tempered girl, she could become aggressive when the right buttons had been pushed. Charlie had successfully made her forget about Allen for a while, but the scars were still there. These days, she had been trying hard to suppress her pain, but now, it was triggered by seeing Allen again. "What does my choice have to do with you? Who are you to tell me what to do? Allen, we have broken up! We are total strangers now! I don't need you to tell me what I should and shouldn't do! When you refused to give me an explanation, we were over!"

Then Elsa snatched her hand back from Allen's tight grip despite his strength and turned her head away.

Evelyn broke into laughter in her heart and secretly winked at Charlie, as if to tell him that Little Bun wasn't that silly after all. She knew what was right for her and how to make her counter attack.

Charlie had known Elsa for a long time. As far as he knew, Elsa didn't hold a grudge for a lasting period, and she wouldn't stay in a grumpy mood for very long. However, in doing so, she wasn't dealing with the problem at hand and tended to let people walk all over her. One blessing about this kind of personality was, she could live a rather happy life, free of troubles and worries.

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