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   Chapter 1159 Extra Story 49 Of Charlie Wrangle

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7175

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Elsa stared at Charlie's reply in a daze for a few seconds. Then she typed a reply and sent it to him quickly.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: It's not like that. I was anxious about you.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: Then you should probably call me in a way which is pleasant to my ears, so that I will be comforted.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: In what way?

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: You know...Like husband, honey or darling, or something like that.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: ...

Elsa was hesitant for a while, and Charlie didn't say anything more. It seemed like he was waiting for Elsa to call him in the way he expected. He was sort of different today. Previously, when Elsa had refused to call him in such a way, he had tried everything to make her do so, which was rather shameless.

Charlie was still talking to somebody on the phone. He minimized all the other channels except the Spouse channel. In the quiet chat frame, there was nothing but a series of suspension points from Elsa. He waited patiently.

"How is the response to the combination of servers?" Charlie asked in a business-like voice.

"Sir, the response hasn't been stable till now," the person in charge of Dragon in Flight Media replied, looking at the background data. "But the amount of prepaid money flowing from players' personal accounts reached an unprecedented peak today."

"Hmm...The staff had suggested that twenty percent of earnings from this month should go to their performance bonuses," Charlie said in an indifferent tone.

The person on the other end couldn't reply right away. It was not until several seconds later that he said slowly, "Mr. Charlie Long, today's earning was more than two million. And the current tendency does not look like it's going to change anytime soon."

The players from the two servers were engaged in a fierce battle of words in World, which didn't seem like it would stop any moment soon. And as long as they wanted to express their opinions, they had to spend money. World wasn't a free forum after all. According to the staff prediction, the two servers would continue fighting till one side won. And in order to win the fi

en they would automatically become Silent Sorrow's enemies. Silent Sorrow was a legendary existence in all the servers. Now that he had given such a warning, nobody would stir up any more trouble. If Obsession still planned to lead the members of Creepy Group to pick a fight, it only meant that he was brainless with absolutely no leadership skills.

The next ten days were a relatively peaceful period since the servers had been combined in Dragon. Some of the outsiders didn't log out from their secret accounts after witnessing the passionate battle in World in the combined server. They wanted to watch the city-capturing battle which was to take place in ten days.

On a day before the battle was to take place, Elsa asked Charlie out of curiosity, "Why are you not bothered by your defeat at the hands of Obsession?"

Charlie replied, "Winning or losing a fight doesn't matter. That's only a result to be shown to the other players. The real match result will only be known by the players who are in battle with each other. I don't want anybody trying to snatch my belongings from me. That will upset me more than losing battles. So, there is only one way to prevent him from taking what belongs to me—I'll show him what a nightmare I can be."

Elsa didn't understand what he meant at all. She only mumbled, "You're a nightmare to me as well. I don't think about you, but you seem to be thinking of me all the time."

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