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   Chapter 1158 Extra Story 48 Of Charlie Wrangle

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Elsa did not receive any reply. While she was staring at her screen in confusion, Olivia screamed out of nowhere. Elsa quickly turned towards her.

"What's wrong?" she asked hastily. Ann was climbing the short ladder to go to her upper bunk when Olivia screamed. She was so startled that she lost her grip on the ladder, but fortunately managed to land on her feet.

"Elsa, Elsa!" Olivia stammered, her eyes fixed on the laptop. "Sorrow just had a fight with Obsession and After Your Birth."

"What?" Elsa asked, blankly staring at her.

Olivia rolled her eyes. "Silent Sorrow had a fight against the legendary players from Dragon Leaping, Obsession and After Your Birth!"

"Why?" Ann asked. She was the first among Olivia's three roommates to realize what was happening. She ran to Olivia to look at her laptop. Anna followed her close behind.

Only Olivia and Elsa played Dragon. Ann and Anna were not interested in games, which seemed to them like an otaku's hobby. They used the computer to search for financial news, beauty products and hairdressing information or to look at gossip pages. Now that there was a shocking gossip going around, how could they ignore it?

After being annoyingly stared at by Olivia for a while, Elsa finally realized whom she was referring to. In a hurry, she turned to look at her own laptop. At that moment, an unbelievable notice appeared on the screen.

[System] Notice: The player Silent Sorrow from the region Dragon Yelling To The Sky was killed by the player Obsession with the winning skill Dragon Ice Blockage. The aftermath of this war will turn ever bloodier, as in the foreseeable future, hatred will be used to cease hatred.

Unlike with ordinary players, when a player in the top ten list of all servers died, a system notice would be issued to announce his/her death in all the servers. The legendary player in Dragon, Silent Sorrow, had been killed by Obsession twice in just eight hours since the regions had been combined. This made quite a stir in the Dragon game. Some players from other regions also came to watch the scene unfolding in Dragon Yelling To The Sky by registering additional accounts.

[World] Not Bothered To Be Named: What's wrong with you, Dragon Yelling To The Sky? How could you be beaten

ght now! Sorrow, do something!

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: Where is Silent Sorrow? Why hasn't he said anything till now?

[Group] Valiant Life: He have sold many things to the poor couple using another ID. He is probably counting money right now.

[Group] Rose In The Field: ...

[Group] Legendary Past: ...

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: ...

After reading Valiant Life's message, everybody went speechless. The members of Madness Is Good expressed their feelings with suspension points. However, Elsa didn't comment.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Hi. How are you? Say something to me. This loss doesn't matter. It's nothing but a game. Nobody knows who you really are.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Say something to me, please...

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Charlie Long, I won't talk to you unless you say something to me right now.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: I was just kidding. But will you please say something to me? I know that you must feel horrible after losing the game, but it's only a game after all. You shouldn't take it too seriously.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Charlie... Say something...

Charlie was talking on the phone as he walked out of the bathroom. When he sat down in front of his laptop, he saw the series of messages which Elsa had sent in the Spouse channel. Gradually, a gentle smile played on his handsome face. As he read her messages, the smile spread to his eyes, giving out a glimmer of joy.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: I'm really sad... because you still say just hi and call me Charlie Long.

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