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   Chapter 1157 Extra Story 47 Of Charlie Set Up A Trap

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 11592

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[World] Married In School Uniform: What the hell happened? What's wrong with you people?

[World] Rose In The Field: There is a solution. Give Obsession and After Your Birth to us, and we'll be even.

[World] Pants Have No Zipper: Fuck You! Madness people. Are you brainless?

[World] Married In School Uniform: Madness idiots, no matter how arrogant you were in Dragon Yelling. Now the servers are united, so we Creepy Group control the world.

[World] Valiant Life: Rose, don't quarrel with the members of the Creepy Group. Just start to fight!

After that comment, no player from Madness in the World channel wrote a thing. Only the bold yellow words that Legendary Past wrote stood out in the middle of the speaker and ran repeatedly catching the players' attention.

After only five minutes of calm, there was another uproar in the World channel.

[World] LOL: Legendary Past, I have killed an official from the Creepy Group. Aha, give me 500 Gold quickly.

[World] The Dreamer's Dream: The people from Dragon Yelling, are you crazy? I have nothing to do with the whole thing. I'm merely killing some small monsters.

[World] Pants Have No Zipper: LOL, you're a coward to launch a surprise attack.

[World] LOL: I didn't say that I would play nice or wasn't cowardice. Legendary Past has cheated so much money from me recently. So I'm poor now and have to be an assassin. Don't be mad. I'll be satisfied if you let me kill several times, randomly. I'm not greedy.

All People: ......

On the first day, when the servers were united, the urban warfare brought on significant damages seizing the city and caused many horrible deaths. Later, because of Obsession's devastating confession, the players from the two servers started quarreling over Sweet Dream. Afterward, Sweet Dream and Silent Sorrow were killed when on-hook, which caused a majority to die.

There were many members in the Creepy Group, which was counted as the biggest group of Dragon Leaping. Madness Is Good was the top group in Dragon Yelling, but there were only a few members. Because of the awesome operation and equipment, the members of Madness could defeat a hundred alone.

However, not when they were outnumbered. Despite the capabilities of the members from Madness, they couldn't fend themselves from the continued onslaught of the enemy.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Legendary Past, I'm afraid I will have to borrow your title as number one in the killing field.

[World] Legendary Past: Just remember to let me kill you several times so that I can take the title back. You know I can update more quickly by killing you.

[World] Silent Sorrow: OK.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Step out of this, Past. Let me kill Obsession and After Your Birth.

[World] Legendary Past: No. They're the best match. I'll help you.

[World] Legendary Past: Little Sorrow, is it OK? Let me help you.

The players were disgusted by their show of affection. Silent Sorrow was a Dragon Swordsman, and Legendary Past was a Dark Wizard. It just so happened that Obsession and After Your Birth had the same combination as Silent Sorrow and Legendary Past. They were also Dragon Swordsman and Dark Wizard, the best match in the PK field, a nightmare for the opponent.

However, the former was less skilled in operation than the Long siblings. Back in the urban warfare, Obsession and After Your Birth had been defeated by Silent Sorrow and Legendary Past. Even if they fought again, the

Good chatted while waiting for the result. Some people suddenly reacted to the fact, that after they had a fierce fight, the cause of the battle, Sweet Dream, didn't show up.

[Group] Worldly Rose: Legendary Past is eating the cake bought by Sorrow. I think Sweet Dream is eating one too.

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: Defuq!? No wonder Sorrow wants to end the fight as soon as possible. He even told me to stay with Sweet Dream and help her survive at any time.

[Group] Legendary Past: Didn't I tell you to survive first?

[Group] Worldly Rose: No shit. The sole reason Beauty remains dead was to accompany Sweet Dream and win her heart. I read his mind. .

[Group] Legendary Past: Beauty, I will stand in silent tribute for you when Little Sorrow comes to kill you.

[Group] Dangerous Beauty...

As soon as Legendary Past sent the message, a red light rose, which was Dangerous Beauty's skill to help= Sweet Dream resurrect. This was the skill of Gold of the Five Elements. The players could let another one survive without approval, but as a result, it would decrease their own blood quickly. If they couldn't operate well enough, they might let the other survive but die themselves.

Few people of the Gold Element practiced this skill because not many were prepared to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. It was a hard and thankless job. However, the members of Madness Is Good were loyal to each other and had good morale in the group.

Just as Elsa had sat at the computer, Dangerous Beauty had revived Sweet Dream.

Elsa didn't read the comments in the World Channel but frowned at the several messages from a stranger.

[Private] Stranger-Obsession: Elsa, give me another chance, only one last chance.

[Private] Stranger-Obsession: Elsa, I really like you, but I have to leave you for now. Wait for me. As soon as I handle the matter, I will surely start dating you again.

[Private] Stranger-Obsession: Elsa, say something. I did all what I have done for a reason!

After reading all of the Private messages from Obsession, Elsa frowned and began to type a reply.

[Private] Stranger-Sweet Dream: Who are you? No matter who you are, I won't be in a relationship with you. I have a boyfriend. Please don't let others misunderstand our relationship. I don't know you!.

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