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   Chapter 1155 Extra Story 45 Of Charlie Stealing Happiness

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[World] Lemon Grass' Taste: I think your names are well-matched. You two could be a couple. You're all bitch dogs.

Obsession's words made both Dragon Yelling and Dragon Leaping aggressive again. They yelled and abused in the World channel while Olivia shouted out in anger in their dormitory. The other three looked at each other, speechlessly.

Elsa might be a doormat, but she had also had enough of their nasty comments and burst out.

[World] Sweet Dream: Obsession, who are you in the real world? I have known Silent Sorrow since kindergarten. Who are you? I don't know you! You shouldn't get involved with Silent Sorrow and me.

[World] Reporter Little Speaker: Finally, the protagonist appears! Sweet Dream, bravo!

[World] Valiant Life: Sweet Dream, bravo!

[World] Shallow Tango: Sweet Dream, bravo!

[World] I Hate To Create A Name: Alas, my heart was broken into pieces, but I have to say that, Sweet Dream, bravo!

[World] Reporter Bean: The former, please keep the line! Sweet Dream, bravo!

At this moment, the World channel was scrolling full of, "Sweet Dream, bravo," comments. There were many wealthy players in Dragon because the game targeted the high-end market. Even though they weren't billionaires, it was easy for them to purchase some World Announcement Tickets. Some who didn't spend money on the game, like Elsa also existed, but they had to earn their tickets. In a nutshell, it wasn't feasible for Elsa to play Dragon. However, she became the hottest topic of discussion, which she would never have expected.

[Friend] LOL: It's the beginning of the end. Only you like playing tricks.

Charlie looked at the message LOL sent, smiling. He responded.

[Friend] Silent Sorrow: Are you still in a great mood? Why not think about how to deal with Evelyn?

As he had expected, LOL didn't comment back. Evelyn was acting so weird today and wasn't her usual self. She was online, but didn't quarrel with him nor did she beat him as she usually did. Although Evelyn bullied LOL, he didn't seem to mind the attention that he got from her. Shaking his head, Ezra checked again that Evelyn was online. The whole World was scolding Charlie and Elsa, but it was strange that Evelyn didn't react because she always protected the people on her side.

Wondering what could be wrong with Evelyn, Ezra frowned. Just as he was about to call her, his phone rang. Seeing the number on the screen, he answered the phone in a hurry, "Addison... Hum, yes. OK. I'll be there soon. OK. Yes, Bro... I'll deal with it. OK, I'll call you when it's done." After hanging up, he glanced a

could you know that he has been in love with me since his childhood?" Even though Elsa could be a bit slow to catch on at times, she did hit the nail on the head occasionally.

They all froze for a moment and looked at each other. Then finally, Anna said, "Charlie told us. There are even some photos!"

"......" Elsa felt beaten, and the corners of her mouth twitched. "What! That's ridiculous!" Her face turned red with anger. "What photos did he show you?"

Her three roommates looked at each other confused. Each of them was thinking the same thought. 'It was just a photo taken with a cellphone, where Charlie lay beside Elsa when she was sleeping. That's very romantic. Why is she so angry?'

They couldn't understand why Elsa would be so upset over a photo. She looked so sweet and adorable in it. Then they realized that Charlie probably had some photos that Elsa didn't want anyone to see.

Anna gave the other two a signal, and said indifferently, "A photo of your class..."

"Yes, it's a photo of your class!" Olivia and Ann nodded in unison with a serious expression.

Elsa wanted to ask more questions, but her phone rang. When she saw that the number was Charlie's, she turned in a huff and rushed downstairs angrily.

Charlie stood waiting under the dim light of the dormitory. He was wearing the school uniform. However, he wasn't dressed neatly. He didn't wear the school tie, and his top two buttons were undone, revealing his sun-kissed skin underneath.

Charlie lowered his eyes, his heavy bangs hung over his eyes, and his shadow cast a long and lonely figure.

When Elsa saw Charlie standing there quietly, she had forgotten why she rushed down. She just stood at the door and gazed at him.


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