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   Chapter 1154 Extra Story 44 Of Charlie Stealing Happiness

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As Elsa saw Charlie's words, there was only one word that could describe how she felt, and that was, excellent!

When Olivia turned around and saw Elsa's expression, she almost wanted to slap her and wake her up.

"Hey?" Olivia withdrew her sight and looked at the World channel. "I don't understand why such a handsome and eligible bachelor will love an ordinary girl."

"Because there is something wrong with his eyes." With a face mask covering her face, Anna was reading and answered casually.

Ann raised her eyes from a magazine and glanced at Elsa. She turned back, shrugging her shoulders. "Elsa is in a world of her own now!"

"If I were her, I would be like that, too." Staring at the computer screen, Olivia shook her head.

Ann and Anna glanced at each other then stood up and walked over to join her. She was reading the comments from the World channel.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Be quiet.

When the players saw what he had written, they all kept quiet at once. The players in Dragon Leaping had lost major cities and had felt so humiliated that they remained quiet. Those that wanted to keep playing, respected Silent Sorrow's request.

It was all quiet in the World channel now, but some of the players couldn't stand it after only three seconds.

[World] Legendary Past: Well, Silent Sorrow, what are you and Sweet Dream going to do? I am anxious to know!

[World] LOL: Hey, what's up? Do you want to seize the opportunity if Silent Sorrow and Sweet Dream break up?

The World channel became quiet once again. Everyone was waiting to see Legendary Past kill LOL. However, much to everyone's shock and surprise, Legendary Past didn't kill LOL, nor did she take any action or even make a comment. It was highly irregular from her usual queen style.

The Present, Group and Friend channels all went quiet while the players were waiting for Silent Sorrow to profess his love for Sweet Dream. While they also discussed whether something was going on between Legendary Past and LOL.

"Evelyn, it's not your style to be so merciful." Bess read the messages that popped up in the game while she studied for a test paper.

Evelyn raised her eyebrow and secretly sneered inside, choosing to ignore the comments on the World channel. Thi

cause she was sweet and cute, she had made lots of friends. Reading her words, many players supported her and began to accuse Sweet Dream of seducing Silent Sorrow when she already had Obsession in Dragon Leaping.

Elsa was called a little bun because she always behaved like a doormat. However, she was seething now, as so many people attacked her. Even though she was full of anger, she couldn't get rid of the doormat label, "Little Bun".

Olivia wanted just to be an onlooker before, but she couldn't put up with it any longer. The female players were quarreling and fighting out of envy and jealousy, and she couldn't sit back and watch it. She had to say something.

[World] Olive Tree: Your words are nothing but sour grapes! You really make me laugh! Please buy a mirror and have a long hard look at yourself. Silent Sorrow has nothing to do with you, but you're behaving as if you got dumped.

[World] Olive Tree: Even if you were dumped, you should keep it to yourself instead of broadcasting it on the World channel. Unbelievable! If I were you, I would jump into the Dear John Valley! So you can refresh yourself.

Olivia was fast at typing, and she was angry, so she attacked them quickly and sharply. However, this only made matters worse for her. They all began to quarrel and abuse Olivia now as well.

[World] Some Wounds Can't Be Healed: Players of Dragon Yelling are fucking dogs!

[World] Loneliness Swoop In: You all of Dragon Leaping are all shit! You can't afford to lose.

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