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   Chapter 1153 Extra Story 43 Of Charlie I Will Always Love You, Until The End Of My Life

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The smile on Charlie's face widened and he was more than satisfied by her short message with nothing but the emoji with a flying kiss. He guessed that she must be blushing red at that very moment. Charlie was not dying in the battle at all, he was using a little trick to fool Elsa. But she had no idea. If she had thought about it properly, she would have realized that there was something wrong. How could a player send messages so promptly if he was busy fighting? It hadn't crossed her mind at the time.

[System] Player Legendary Past has defeated Player After Your Birth and has obtained the privilege of ruling the capital city of the Dark Wizard for seven days. Players who wish to challenge her should wait for seven days.

The players from Dragon Yelling sent one message after another to celebrate her victory. However, all the other bigger cities of Dragon Yelling, including the capitals of Little Prophet and the Five Element Cities were lost, along with some small ones.

[Group] Legendary Past: I can't believe this! Tell me what happened! Beauty and Rose, you lost our cities?

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: Please don't say anything more! It's so humiliating. Arghh!

[Group] Worldly Rose: Please, Beauty! 'Arghh' is too gentle a word for you. Where is your F word?

[Group] Blossom In The Field: Hey guys, isn't there something familiar about After Your Birth?

[Group] LOL: The guy's fighting style is similar to that of At The First Sight!

[Group] Blossom In The Field: Oh right!

[Group] Legendary Past: Her is more of a Dark Wizard than a Dragon Warrior. But she chose the latter for love. It's such a pity!

The players began to discuss how Legendary Past would slay all the opponents.

[Group] Blossom In The Field: Silent Sorrow, how are things on your side? Is it any better there?

[Group] Legendary Past: That's hard to say. It looks to me like somebody is feeling a little low.

The other players echoed her opinion. Sometimes Elsa wondered what magic Evelyn used to gather people around her. If someone was regarded as her friend, they would take every word she said to their heart as if it was an imperial verdict. Elsa believed that even if Evelyn said that the moon was square, none of her friends would correct her.

[Group] Sweet Dream: ……

The group and the world channel were extraordinarily bustling at that moment. As time passed, all attention was on Dragon City. Player '

ultimate attack of the Dragons which I've never seen before, I feel like I could go die without any regrets!

The players standing at the front were knocked down by the after effect of Sorrow's ultimate move.

Obsession had never expected that Silent Sorrow had already acquired the highest grade attack of Dragon Leaping, and it left him with no time to withdraw. His life bar dropped dangerously and soon reached zero.

[System] Player Silent Sorrow has defeated Player Obsession and has become the owner of Dragon City. He's privileged to rule the city for ten days, and any player can challenge him while he is still the owner.

The world channel erupted with joy. Although Dragon Yelling had lost most of its cities, the two biggest cities were still theirs. It was a comfort for the players.

[World] Legendary Past: Quiet please!

At once, the players went silent and held their breath. This was why they called her the Queen.

[World] Silent Sorrow: Elsa, I hereby give you the Dragon City as our betrothal present! And I swear I'll always love you, until the end of my life!

Elsa felt like her life was finally complete. This moment was engraved in her heart forever. It was so overwhelming that she couldn't hide the smile on her face even after so many years, as she stood gazing at the sea, letting the light breeze sway her long hair. Her dress was flying in the wind and the waves wet her feet, like the tender touches of her beloved.

"Charlie!" Elsa shouted towards the vast sea, cupping both her hands on the sides of her mouth. "I'll always love you, until the end my life!"

The End!

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