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   Chapter 1152 Extra Story 42 Of Charlie I Will Always Love You, Until The End Of My Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7528

Updated: 2019-08-06 01:28

"Of course, it's all right! Please go ahead. Let me know when you're available. Anytime will do," the client said with a wide smile plastered on his face. Now that he had learned that the young lawyer was an acquaintance of the Long Family, he planned to ask the lawyer to introduce him to them someday.

But Ezra was not paying any attention to his client and his schemes. He was nervous about facing Mark. He was Evelyn's eldest brother, looking gentle and well-mannered at all times. And Ezra knew that it wasn't just for show. He was indeed a wonderful man. He also knew how Mark treated guys who had a crush on his little sister, and it was by no means gentle. It made his scalp tingle to just think of it.

"It's empty already, Bess!" Evelyn murmured, looking at the carton in her hands with an annoyed expression.

Bess replied without lifting her eyes from the book, "It's too hot here. Let's go back to our dormitory."

"No, I need another carton!" Evelyn fussed.

Bess continued with her eyes still on her book, "I've ordered two more cartons, which are now waiting for you in our dormitory."

Evelyn's eyes lit up, but turned gloomy the next second.

"Evelyn, tell me the truth," she closed the book in her hands and asked, "what's going on between LOL and you? I'm just curious."

"Nothing," Evelyn replied, her spirits low. She then stood up and walked towards their dormitory. She was so distracted that she didn't even notice that Charlie was standing in the corner.

She wasn't lying to Bess. There was nothing wrong. She was just confused and was trying to figure out what Ezra meant to her. Was he 'the one'? She didn't know. Everyone from her family had found their destined partner in some electrifying way. The romance history of the Long family was an epic waiting to be written. She was expecting her destined one too, but she was in no hurry. She was young and there was a long path in front of her. She wanted to take her time to find her man.

What pissed her off was that the bastard had kissed her without her permission, before she could even react to his movements. He had her cornered. She was annoyed every time the scene came to her mind. She was not supposed to kiss anyone except her one true love. And

ouse] Silent Sorrow: Your dear husband is going into battle. Why don't you give him a sweet kiss to boost up his morale? Come on!

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: ……

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: Honey, I'm waiting. Give me some passionate kisses!

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: ……

No matter what Charlie said, the only response from Elsa were those suspension points. It could have meant anything, and she decided to let him fill the blanks as he wished. It could pass as contempt or comfort, whatever suited Charlie.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: If you don't kiss me now, I'll lie down on the ground for Glutton and Niggard to tread on me a thousand times! That is exactly what I'm going to do!

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: …… ...... ......

Charlie laughed when he saw the many suspension points.

But Elsa didn't kiss him. And so, he wasn't giving his all to win the battle, and his HP level almost dropped to zero several times under Obsession's attack. Elsa watched him nervously, and for a moment, she thought that she was going to faint from the tension.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: You told me you're the best player in the game. Why do you keep losing all the time? Were you lying to me?"

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: No, I'm just feeling depressed and am in no mood to fight. I need a kiss to cheer up.

Elsa was so embarrassed by his words and her face turned red, but she became more and more anxious as Charlie's life bar continued to deplete. She couldn't bear it anymore and hastily sent him a kiss emoji.

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