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   Chapter 1151 Extra Story 41 Of Charlie I Will Always Love You, Until The End Of My Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7130

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"How long are you going to stand there? Like forever?" Charlie asked in a low voice.

Elsa sighed and dragged herself to the table. She sat down unwillingly. She quickly gave her order and bit her lips.

"What on earth are you doing, Charlie? What's this all about?" she asked, glaring at Charlie.

Charlie took his time pouring a cup of iced coco for her and then replied gently, "What should I do to make you believe that I'm serious? I want you to be my girl, Elsa."

"Stop joking, Charlie." She thought that he was being ridiculous.

Charlie heaved a sigh and passed the cup to Elsa. He responded seriously, "I mean it, Elsa." He paused for a moment to calm down and continued, "Please listen to me. I have been more than serious ever since we met again. I know what I am doing." Before Elsa could say anything, he said in a husky voice, "I came back for you, Elsa. I came to this college for you." He had received his master degrees on both finance and economic management from Harvard. It was not necessary for him to come all the way to A city to accompany his twin sister to complete her college. Evelyn was never the reason why he had come here. With or without him, Evelyn could live a fascinating life. He had come for Elsa.

Elsa's eyes widened in astonishment, almost popping out of the sockets. "What do you mean? I don't believe you! You're here for me?" she exclaimed, almost in a mocking tone. But she felt goose bumps on her back, and her heart pounded wildly in her chest.

"Yes," Charlie said without any hesitation. He licked his lips once and fixed his eyes on her. His gaze was speaking to her, imploring her to believe his words. "Elsa, I thought that you had figured that out this morning on the playground. Why do you look so puzzled now?"

Elsa's face turned red in embarrassment.

She had only flung him down by accident this morning and the kiss was unintentional. To make things more complicated, some students had even taken their photos at that exact moment. She had ruined his reputation in college, and since he had a big crush on her, she had to be his girlfriend as compensation. He wa

them. But Ezra was not one of them. He had the qualifications to stand out from the crowd. He was a distinguished lawyer, and the clients who came for his service offered nothing less than six figure fees for his council. Although it was nothing compared to the Long Family income, it was sufficient enough for him to support Evelyn, and the family he wanted to create with her.

"I sent an email to Uncle Brian and Auntie Molly last night," Ezra told Charlie, "Evelyn obviously needs time to think this over. She will accept me once she figures out her own feelings. Trust me."

"Are you sure about that?" Charlie smirked at his confidence.

"Huh?" Ezra was baffled. For a moment, he had nothing to say although he a silver-tongued lawyer. It was true that he was still not quite certain what Evelyn was thinking.

"Hmm, let's wait and see," Charlie replied with a sneer. When he finished saying that, he heard a female voice from Ezra's side.

"Excuse me, Mr. Zhou, but Mr. Long is here to see you," she said. Charlie assumed that it must be Ezra's secretary.

Ezra nodded to his secretary, as he spoke into the phone in a whisper, "Is Mark still in town?" But he didn't get any response, Charlie had hung up on him. Ezra heaved a deep sigh and cursed Charlie a thousand times in his head before turning to his client. "I'm sorry, but I have an urgent meeting now. Can we discuss your case at a later date?"

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