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   Chapter 1150 Extra Story 40 Of Charlie I Will Always Love You, Until The End Of My Life

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But no one had ever connected this Sweet Dream in the game to Elsa in real life. It was a shock to all the female players, and they seriously doubted Charlie's choice in women. In spite of having the luxury of choosing from all those hot girls, he still went for a girl who had absolutely nothing special about her.

Bess had noticed earlier that there was something wrong about Evelyn that day. She had been acting weird since she had come back to the dormitory last night. She kept talking to herself and looked bewildered all the time. It was like a screw had come loose from her head all of a sudden. Bess wondered what had happened.

"Your brother and Elsa are in the teeth of a storm right now. Why don't you do something about this?" Bess asked casually, but she got no response from Evelyn. She tried a different route, "Elsa is stepping between you and Charlie."

"Say what now?" Evelyn responded right away.

Apart from her family, Bess was the only person who knew Evelyn best; she knew exactly what to say to arouse Evelyn's attention.

"Didn't you see the post in the school forum?" Bess asked as she gathered her books from the table, "I believe the situation is going to collapse if things keep simmering."

Evelyn furrowed her beautiful eyebrows and cast a quick glance at Bess before she logged in her laptop. Just as Bess had said, the comments on the post with photos of Elsa kissing Charlie had surpassed the one about her being in the game. It had doubled the amount of views and comments.

"Let's pour some oil into the flame, and see who the real queen is!" Evelyn smirked playfully as she tapped on her keyboard. Bess was at a loss when she saw what Evelyn had typed out.

Instead of clearing the situation for her brother, Evelyn described how miserable she was after Elsa had taken Charlie away from her. It didn't end there. She further said that Elsa didn't care for Charlie after they had gotten together and kicked him out of her life.

And just as Bess predicted, it made a ripple in both the school forum and the game forum. Evelyn had successfully poured oil onto the furious flames.

Evelyn, however, was satisfied with the result

t Elsa know that it was all from him, because she would definitely refuse them if she knew the truth.

"All right, we're going to get changed now," Anna said, secretly winking at the other two. To not arouse Elsa's suspicion, they put on their fancy dresses as well, and the four of them headed to M-blue, one of the most well-known restaurants in A City.

Elsa walked into the restaurant with so much expectation. She was excited about the delicious food here which was famously talked about in the city. But a few moments after they had arrived, the others disappeared from her sight without a trace. She was left at the table all alone and she knew that it was not a coincidence that Charlie was waiting for her there, not Ann's father. She felt her face burn when she thought about the incident from that morning.

Charlie gazed at her with a charming smile. He was wearing a water blue slim suit and white suit pants, along with a black and white striped shirt. He looked refined and graceful, but at the same time, wild and dangerous. Especially since he had the top two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned. Elsa was rooted to her spot, not knowing what to do next, turn around to leave or sit down for dinner.

Charlie stood up from his seat and pulled out the chair opposite to him for her. But Elsa didn't move. She was wondering when her roommates had taken his side and decided to help him, and why he was going through all this trouble.

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