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   Chapter 1149 Extra Story 39 Of Charlie I Will Always Love You, Until The End Of My Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7301

Updated: 2019-08-06 00:48

Meanwhile, Elsa was running like one of those mechanic dolls, which wouldn't stop until its spring wound down.

Her feet grew heavier and heavier, and she finally ran out of strength. She slowed down and came to a stop. Her head was a total blank, and she rested both hands on her knees, gasping for breath. She dragged herself to the curb, her feet couldn't stand her weight any longer and she sat there, breathing heavily. However, the physical torture was not enough to relieve the load on her mind, and thoughts about Charlie were still lingering in her head.

Elsa grumbled in frustration, "You really are a monster, Charlie! You're my nightmare even when I'm awake!"

She stretched her legs, propped her hands onto the ground behind her and looked at the sky above.

She was still going crazy because of those big yellow words on her screen, and those letters were popping up in her head again and again since yesterday. She could speak out those words from memory, word for word.

After a while, she was still unable to sort out the mess and closed her eyes. She was curious as to why Charlie took so much trouble to make fun of her, and a little eager to dig out his true intentions. Deep in her heart, without even realizing it herself, she was enjoying this strange feeling, and was wondering what Charlie would do next, even though she was nearly drowning in his tricks.

"Elsa, what should I do to make you believe that I am no longer the guy you used to know? I love you, and I'll always love you, I promise!"

A husky, attractive voice whispered into Elsa's ears, and the voice was as warm as the morning sun. For a moment, she thought she was dreaming again. How else would she be hearing Charlie's voice right now? It was nothing but a daydream. Elsa took a deep sigh, with her eyes tightly shut.

On the other side of the playground, Charlie was still leaning against the tree. The light morning breeze swayed his unruly, thick bangs. His dark, black eyes was filled with a whiff of danger in them, making it difficult for anyone to approach him casually. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top, revealing a part of his muscular chest. He was charming, inside

he was the most famous player ever. It was not because he was generous enough to throw as much money as he wanted, and there was never a lack of players who were willing to give away all their possessions. He was famous because he placed third from the beginning of the game and it never changed. With his skill to destroy everything, he could make it to the first easily. But he chose to stay where he was because of Legendary Past.

Now, everybody knew that Silent Sorrow was none but Charlie Long, the handsome, straight A student from A University.

They figured that if Silent Sorrow was Charlie in reality, then it would be no surprise if Legendary Past was Evelyn Long.

After all, they all knew how much Charlie spoiled Evelyn in college.

From that, they concluded that Sweet Dream must be Elsa.

The many knots were smoothly removed, all at once.

This explosive news stole the thunder away from Elsa and her kiss with Charlie.

Lots of players in Dragon were from A City, and quite a few of them were studying in A University. Almost everyone knew Silent Sorrow and Legendary Past, because most of them were players of Dragon Yelling and Dragon Leaping. But unlike the other two, Sweet Dream had only come into the limelight recently. She had stirred quite a gossip in the past few days. She was a green hand before she was dumped by Drunk Wind and then went on to become Silent Sorrow's partner. This way, she too became a legend.

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