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   Chapter 1148 Extra Story 38 Of Charlie I Will Always Love You, Until The End Of My Life

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7222

Updated: 2019-08-06 00:48

Elsa collapsed onto her bed, wishing that she could vanish from the face of the planet. She was down in the mouth, an uneasy feeling stuck at the back of her throat. She couldn't get rid of it. The moment she found out that Silent Sorrow was actually Charlie, she was so pissed off that she had the impulse to go punch him right in his face. How could he do this? And why was he doing this to her for so long?

Her phone still clutched in her hand, Elsa pressed her face against the sheet speechlessly. Her roommates hadn't yet noticed her odd behavior. Olivia and Anna were huddled together on one bed while Ann was lying on the other bed. The three of them were gossiping noisily, and once in a while, they turned to Elsa to ask her opinions. Elsa hummed and gave one word replies occasionally, although she wasn't quite caught up with what they were talking about.

Even after a few minutes had passed, Elsa's mind was still a mess. But she soon fell asleep. Since she was really upset when she had fallen asleep, she had nothing but nightmares that night. In her dream, she was standing in a forest of peach trees. As a slight breeze blew, the peach blossoms fell down like snowflakes, spreading across the blue sky. It was breathtaking and Elsa sang its praises as she stood there dazzled by its beauty. She looked around the forest, reluctant to tear herself away from the mesmerizing nature. As she was walking through the forest, she found a wooden swing on one of the big trees. She trotted towards it briskly and sat on it.

She swung higher as the petals started falling all around her; it was amazing. She was too obsessed with her swinging and didn't realize when and how all the peach blossoms on the tress had turned into peaches. It happened so fast, like a magician was playing tricks. When she saw the delicious pink peaches hanging down from the trees, she jumped down from the swing and ran to the nearest tree in excitement. Elsa had always dreamed about one day having a large orchard, like the peach garden of the Queen Mother in Journey to the West, one of the four classic novels of Chinese literature. And then she could roam around in

agons in the game. For a moment, she couldn't tell what world she was in—was it real life or the game?

Elsa ran her hand frantically through her hair, annoyed by her own mind tricks. Since she couldn't sleep and laying in the bed awake was sort of a torture for her, she decided to get up. She tiptoed to the bathroom to wash her face, and got changed before slipping out of their dormitory.

Dawn was just breaking, and a girl in denim shorts and t-shirt was running around the playground alone. She kept running and had no idea how many laps she had completed when the sun had finally risen in the eastern sky.

Her face was as red as cherries. As the morning rays hit the playground, sweat started dripping down her face, wetting her t-shirt. But she showed no sign of stopping. She was completely lost in her own thoughts and didn't notice that Charlie was standing under the crooked tree in the playground. He was holding a can of soy milk in one hand and had the other hand in his pant pocket, while he watched her run around the playground one lap after another, wondering when she would get tired.

Charlie let out a slight sigh and shook his head at the desperate girl. He took a sip of his soy milk and found that the can was already empty. He spotted the nearest trashcan, about five meters away from him. Taking aim, the can drew a perfect parabola in the air as he threw it and fell into the trashcan with a loud bang.

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