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   Chapter 1147 Extra Story 37 Of Charlie A Confession Through The Refreshing Speaker

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Charlie smiled faintly at Evelyn's question. He gently wiped the milk stains from the corner of her mouth with a napkin and then answered in a soft voice, "Nothing happened."

Evelyn didn't believe him at all. She looked at him suspiciously, however, there was nothing but a soft smile on his face and a desire to pamper his dear sister. Sometimes she couldn't help but wonder how happy and lucky the woman who won Charlie's heart would be.

Evelyn sighed deeply and went back to drinking the milk tea silently.

"What's wrong?" Charlie asked, titling his head slightly.

Evelyn said slowly without looking at her brother, "I was wondering what I would do after you get married in the future."

"What?" Charlie was dumbstruck by her sudden woe. Seeing how genuinely agonized she looked, he lowered his eyes and smiled. "Well, then you will be pampered by one more person," he said.

"You're wrong,"

Ezra interrupted when Evelyn was just about to speak. Her eyes had shone brightly at Charlie's words, but now the shine had disappeared.

She fumed at Ezra, who was sitting opposite to her. She gritted her teeth and asked, "Why is he wrong?"

Ezra pushed his refined rimless glasses slightly up the bridge of his sharp nose, an evilly attractive smile playing at the corners of his mouth. Evelyn thought that he would say something to piss her off even more, but he said, "Not just one more. You will be pampered by two other people other than your brothers."

Evelyn furrowed her brows as she did not understand the meaning behind his words. Confusedly, she turned towards Charlie, hoping that he would enlighten her.

However, Charlie lowered his head to smile faintly instead of explaining. To worsen things, he said something that confused her even more. "I don't think this is the right time," he said, looking at Ezra. He displayed no emotions on his face.

Ezra scanned Charlie's eyes, looking for a clue as to what he was thinking. Charlie didn't avert his eyes either. Ezra knew all too well what kind of existence the Long Family was. And he was clearly aware of how every man in the Long Family pampered Evelyn. But even so, he could not give up on Evelyn without fighting for her love just because of the pressure from the Long Family or any other reason.

Ever since he had met Evelyn five years ago and had become friends with Charlie eventually, he had had an extremely colorful life. He finally had somebody to long for and somebody who treated him well.

"The right time will never come—" Ezra replied as his eyes darkened, "—until I give it a try."

"You think you can make it?" Charlie asked ambiguously. Evelyn did not understand what he meant.

Ezra did. "At least I should take a step, right?" he replied with another question.

Ezra stood up abruptly. Confused, Evelyn asked, "Uh...Excuse me, But can either of you tell me what you two are— Ow!"


gendary Past said anything this whole evening?

[World] Reporter Bean: Does this mean that something is going to happen soon?

[World] I Hate To Create A Name: Bean, you're wrong. This is a story about the ex-girlfriend hunting down the current girlfriend.

[World] Reporter Little Happiness: I Hate To Create A Name, farewell. Sorry for not seeing you off (candle).

Immediately, candles rushed into World to say farewell to I Hate To Create A Name.

[World] Puppet123: By the way, when did Sweet Dream join Madness Is Good?

[World] Puppet321: Honey... Is that for real? I heard that the group only takes in very rich players.

[World] Marshmallow: Seriously? Ah, when you marry a rich man, you become rich too.

[World] Little Acid: Yeah, we don't step in between couples or find sugar daddies. So, we can't join Madness Is Good.

[World] Alps: Little Acid, you're absolutely right.

Nobody echoed them. Everybody else felt that they might end up the same way as Candy Group if they trashed talked about Sweet Dream.

[World] Blossom In The Field: It looks like some people are getting too cheeky since they are not being ill-treated or massacred anymore.

[World] Worldly Rose: Any member of Candy Group will be killed without warning if we see them here. Anybody who doesn't want to be killed has two options—you either quit the game or you never get out of security town.

Charlie didn't pay much attention to the chats in World. He just refreshed Speaker, waiting for Elsa's response. But, the person he was waiting for was currently taking a bath. She had no idea that Dragon Yelling To The Sky would once again become bloody because of her.

When she finished her bath and sat down in front of her laptop, she saw the yellow note drifting conspicuously on her screen. Her mouth fell agape. She was about to type something when the laptop screen went dark all of a sudden following a flare light.


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