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   Chapter 1146 Extra Story 36 Of Charlie Are You Good Or Bad

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Evelyn waited for a while, but still received no response from Elsa. Pulling her mouth into a tight pout, she said, "Doesn't Elsa talk with anyone else when she is talking to my brother?"

Bess Shen, her roommate, turned to look at her and said, "You can't do anything about it. Your elder brother is as tempting as the most popular milky tea brand. I wonder if there is anyone in the world who could resist such magical attraction." As she said that, a glimmer of brilliant light flashed on her laptop screen. Worldly Rose stood proudly in the wind. "Evelyn, I think you'd better register one more secret account." Turning to Evelyn once again, she continued, "By the way, I just forged a set of golden equipment for Elsa, but she hasn't reached the gear level yet. When do you think she will achieve max level at this rate? She is as slow as a turtle."

Evelyn released her grip on the mouse and sat back on the big chair with her legs crossed. She said with a shrug, "If the level system took romance into account, my in-law to be would surely be the first to achieve max level."

"No way," Bess said with a smirk, shaking her head. "Charlie will be the first to achieve max level in that case."

While the two girls discussed ardently about them, Charlie and Elsa were on the verge of breaking into a fight.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Legendary Past called me her in-law!

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: She is my younger sister. So, she would obviously call you that. He attached an indifferent emoji to his message.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Evelyn called me as in-law too. She attached an angry emoji to her message in response.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: ...

Charlie frowned slightly at the message. He wondered when Little Bun had become so smart.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: Sweet Dream... Charlie was speechless.

He realized that he didn't know how to explain the situation to Elsa. His Little Bun had been resisting him for so long because of what he had done to her in their childhood. That incident had become a lasting bad memory in her mind. No matter what he said, she would eventually come to the conclusion that he was just creating trouble for her and playing tricks on her. That was exactly why he hadn't told her that he was Silent Sorrow.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: I'm really pissed off, Charlie Long! You're doing this intentionally, aren't you?

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: What on earth do you want from me? Did you have fun deceiving me? Was it entertaining to make me talk to you online every day as if you were somebody I trusted?

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: But, this is it! Enough already! I don't want to see you again.


g at Elsa's crestfallen face. "Love is such a difficult emotion to handle."

"Especially for people who have a few buttons missing, like our Elsa."

"Huh..." the three of them sighed together and shook their heads at the same time while looking at the gloomy Elsa.


Under the dim street lights, the night fair was bustling on the road next to the university. As Charlie walked towards Evelyn with a milk tea for her, he saw her arguing with somebody as to whether it was nutrition or taste of the food that was more important.

Of course, Evelyn was beaten towards the end of that argument. It was not because she wasn't eloquent enough to win; just that her opponent was much better than her.

Grinning at the angry Evelyn, Ezra asked, "What? Don't you think I'm right?"

"Hmph!" Evelyn snorted coldly. She ate the fish ball in order to alleviate her fury.

Charlie placed the milk tea in front of her and asked in a soft voice, "Weren't you asking for trouble by competing against someone who is the most persuasive of all here?"

"Hmph!" she snorted again without saying a word. She took the milk tea and had a sip of it silently.

Charlie smiled helplessly and shook his head. Ezra was probably the only invincible opponent Evelyn had ever had. Since they had gotten to know each other by accident, Evelyn's tongue had met a real challenger.

"Charlie," Ezra called, turning to him. "How are you and Elsa getting along with each other?"

His question drew Evelyn's attention immediately. She turned towards Charlie hastily. With a nod, she said, "That's exactly what I want to know. Elsa didn't respond to me in the game earlier today, and then she went offline suddenly without even saying goodbye. What happened between you two?"


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