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   Chapter 1145 Extra Story 35 Of Charlie Fineness Deserves Destruction

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The other two roommates also considered this a great idea. They all held their mouth, trying to calm their laughs down so that Elsa would never know their what they were plotting. Still, despite all the noises her roommates made, Elsa did not know anything about what was happening. She was so absorbed in her talk with the online game couple. And she also had no idea that her roommates had planned something to finally get her into a relationship with Charlie.

[Group] Valiant Life: Does anyone notice that this announcement about the integration was released without warning? And the integration operation will be carried out this Thursday. Just like that! That leaves us no time for us to adapt. We need some time to prepare for this integration.

[Group] Blossom In The Field: That is one feature of Dragon. It never delays anything.

[Group] Legendary Past: Never mind. I don't care at all. And I am happy to see that we're going to go integration soon because I will have more players to kill in the game. Super excited about that! Ha-ha-ha!

[Group] Worldly Rose: Legendary Past, I have made a list of the top ten on PK Ranking List, Level Ranking List, Killing Ranking List for you. I think it would be useful for future battles. I have sent that to your mailbox. You can see all the targets on it. We can discuss which one is our first target.

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: Discuss what? Just start from the No. 1 on the list.

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: However... I'd like to start from the battle priest. That will be fun.

[Group] LOL: Dangerous Beauty, you're just a healer, not an attacking player. It's impossible for you to kill that battle priest.

[Group] Dangerous Beauty: I look down upon you! Don't you know I can reset my attributes points? I can also set all my specialties into attack skills

eeing her reply. He typed his response rapidly as his eyes were filled with happiness and excitement.

Then Elsa received two messages from him at the next moment.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: Only a little? But I have a plenty of special feelings for you....... Ha! Ha! Ha!

Elsa felt very warm deep in her heart due to his lovely reply. A message popped out all of a sudden before she could reply to Silent Sorrow.

[Friend] Legendary Past: In-law Sweet Dream, In-law Sweet Dream, can I use your warehouse? My warehouse is full. I have something to store...

Suddenly, when Elsa read this message, an idea struck her, and her eyes became wider and wider...

[Friend] Legendary Past: In-law Sweet Dream, In-law Sweet Dream, Please answer me, please answer me! I have used Silent Sorrow's warehouse. There is no room for other objects. And I don't want to register a new account, which requires great efforts.

The wording style seemed so very familiar. Elsa felt thunder-struck. She suddenly recalled another person who also called her "in-law" for short back at the banquet. Considering the coincident, she imagined a possibility that scared her deeply. She was so stunned, as if it was the end of world.

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