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   Chapter 1144 Extra Story 34 Of Charlie Fineness Deserves Destruction

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Obviously, she explained it while severely ranting. "Elsa... Why does the game operator want to integrate two major service areas? I really, really don't want to see you in the game... Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh!"

Ignoring her nonsense complaint, Elsa rolled her eyes and decided to devote her time into the game again. Thinking for a while, she typed up a message and sent it to the couple channel.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: Why should two service areas integrate?

After a few minutes, she received a reply back.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: It is a strategy of the game operator. Don't worry. It won't have any effects on you. Just keep leveling up.

[Spouse] Silent Sorrow: I will come to you.

[Spouse] Sweet Dream: OK.

As soon as she sent the message to him, Silent Sorrow already appeared on her screen, with a ray of pink light.

[System] Silent Sorrow is hugging you softly...

[System] Silent Sorrow is kissing your forehead tenderly... You are snuggling up to his chest immediately.

[System] Silent Sorrow is hugging you firmly, whispering next to your ear, "I love you... I love you till the end of the time."

Although those words and actions in the game looked nauseating to Elsa, she still felt the sweetness through them and it made her happy. A slight smile appeared on her face, and she started to blush.

"Hey guys! Look at Elsa! Seems like someone's flirting with her on the game," Anna said, her eyes sparkling. She was applying a facial mask as she noticed Elsa's blushing face. Because she found it cute, she decided to let everyone in the room know. She added a description, "She is just like a cat in heat... Gee...." As she found Elsa's smile was getting larger and larger, she started feeling a little disgusted.

As soon as she heard what Anna said, Ann shifted her gaze to Elsa. Instantly, her mouth fell open, which quickly betrayed the bewilderment she felt inside. "Oh wow! I am confused. How can you fall i

o that Silent Sorrow is? How could he make Elsa so giddy so easily..." It seemed that Olivia was confused with Elsa's situation. As a girl who grew up with a handsome and truly remarkable boy, how could she fall in love with someone in the online game?

"Are you in the same online game too?" Anna asked, throwing her a glimpse. "You could find the answer in that game! Why don't you go and find out?"

"You are right! That's a very good idea!" Hearing this wonderful idea, she was so happy that her eyes were practically shining. "Well, our main service areas are going to be integrated very soon so... How about..." She paused, trying to add some dramatic effect to her speech.

"How about.... you seduce Silent Sorrow on the sly!" Anna cut into her words suddenly, presenting a new idea. "Then, Elsa will be extremely sad. And it will be a good opportunity for Charlie to give her a warm hug and finally get her heart!" After saying that, Olivia admitted that it was a great idea. A weird and foxy smile unfolded on her face. Then she continued, "In this way, Elsa will embrace her new love and finally have a great time. And we will also be benefited from their relationship. Oh my god, I am so smart! Hahahaha!" Her cackle lasted for a while. Truly, she thought that the plan was perfect.

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