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   Chapter 1143 Extra Story 33 Of Charlie Fineness Deserves Destruction

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"Charlie, get your hand away from me and let me go!" Elsa said through gritted teeth. While she truly wanted to yell out so as to show her anger to the man pulling her back, she did not want to be the focus in this kind of place. Because of that, she really had no option but to not create a scene. But then, no one was really paying attention to anything else except for Addison, who was now taking the stage.

Despite her protests, Charlie did not let her go. Instead, he held her even tighter. While working harder to keep Elsa under his control, he turned to Ann and said urgently, "Please tell Elsa's father for me that I'd take Elsa to my place. Tell him I'd bring her back early!" After saying that, he ignored not only Ann's reaction and response, but also Elsa's, who was clearly taken aback by what he just said. With another forceful yet gentle pull, they started their way, with Charlie in the lead, towards the exit.

"That's... That's cool, I guess!" Gazing at Charlie's broad and attractive back, Ann nodded slightly, her face full of admiration for Charlie's brave action.

But for Elsa, it was totally different. She struggled and twisted her body, yelling out, "Let me go, don't pull me! Charlie, are you listening to me! Let me go right now! Where the hell are you going? I don't want to go with you!" The long way to the elevator was filled with Elsa's yelling and struggling. As she was pushed into the elevator, she asked him again, "Where are we going, Charles Long?"

Without any response, Charlie just squinted her. Her face seemed to turn into a bubble fish - she was clearly filled with anger. When they were both inside, Charlie pushed the button and flashed Elsa a big, fake smile.

At that moment, Elsa finally realized that she could never be relaxed at a place where Charlie was. But what was worse for her, at that moment, she wouldn't be able to escape. Most importantly, though, she might have to face unexpected things to happen, which could be extremely "dangerous" for her.

While she was losing herself in her endless thoughts and unconstrained fears, she was once again pulled out of the elevator by Charlie after they had arrived to their floor. She, however, didn't take notice of it. Only when she felt a whiff of cool breeze was she

gth of the former was better than the latter. Therefore, Dragon Leaping was on a par with Dragon Yelling To The Sky. It was hard to say which service area was better overall.

[World] Legendary Past: Hahaha.....I am so happy... Finally, the two major server districts will be integrated. I have expected this day to come for so long. Every day I have to meet the same faces and kill them, which truly tires and bores me to death. It will be a new game for me after the integration.

[World] Worldly Rose: Legendary Past, please calm down.

[World] Dangerous Beauty: Just now I registered an account in that server. They have three high level priests there and one of them is a battle priest, who has specialized in attack skills. I am so excited for that! I can't wait to play with them.

[World] I Hate To Create A Name: The world of top players is really different from the world of players like us, which features poverty and poor ability. Please play with me and treat me kindly.

As soon as Elsa entered the game, she saw that the world channel was filled with so many new messages. After skimming over a few of the messages, she already knew what was happening. She knew nothing about the server integration or how it would affect users like her. But only when she heard an excruciating scream from Olivia, who was extremely unhappy about this integration did she realize how important this to the players of this game. Olivia explained the significance of this action made by the game operator in detail.

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