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   Chapter 1142 Extra Story 32 Of Charlie Fineness Deserves Destruction

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7782

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"Believe me when I say that I am really trying hardest to pursue you. I want you to be not only my girlfriend, but also... the one who would accompany me for the rest of my life. Even to the end of time," Charles said, looking at Elsa in the eye. Suddenly, his head shot up, and he quickly added, "I meant that in a romantic way, of course," he said.

Stunned by this sudden soulful confession, Elsa just stared at Charlie, her eyes unblinking. His brooding and profound eyes, which were as deep as the Milky Way galaxy, seemed to absorb her soul just like a vortex. It seemed like she had just lost the ability to think. The two words that were stuck in her head were "my girlfriend." They were just like a short incantation, echoing in her mind again and again. It made her feel giddy, but also nauseous.

All of a sudden, she was awoken from her daze when she heard the loud cheers from the crowd. Like coming up for air when you've been under the water for too long, she sharply gasped for air.

After looking around and seeing, once again, what was happening, she gritted her teeth and replied in a tough way, "Charlie, can you act like a grown man? Stop being so childish! I'm telling you - and you better listen well - you have no chance to make a fun of me anymore! Huh!" She snorted as if she was very angry. But then, on the inside, she knew exactly that she almost said yes to him just now. In a bid to hide her real emotions, Elsa gave Charlie a ferocious glare and turned around to leave. At that moment, she totally forgot the presence of Ann and her parents and did not see what their facial expressions were.

Witnessing her leaving, Charlie breathed a slight sigh and thought to himself, 'Elsa, you are such an idiot!'

His head was starting to ache. It felt like Elsa had kicked and slapped him across the face. However, he knew that she was not that type of woman like Evelyn who would be violent all of a sudden.

"Thank you all..." Mr. Gu unfolded a huge smile and continued, "Thanks for your support. I hope that in the future, my daughter and Allen could still count on your care and support..." The next moment, however, he suddenly halted his speech as he caught a glimpse of the person who showed up at the door gate. After recognizing who it was, a big and exaggerated smile unfolded on his face,

velyn was enjoying mainly because of Charlie's embarrassment. He even could hear her laughter deep in his mind.

With a swift move, she put herself in front of Elsa. As soon as the girl noticed that there was a girl in front of her blocking her view of Addison, she heard a sweet voice saying, "Elsa, my in-law to be... Please fight for your happiness." Evelyn blinked fast, emphasizing what she was saying. After that, she smiled at Elsa, and took off. However, Elsa and Ann did not have time to react. They were surprised by what just happened.

"Elsa, I find that I like Evelyn more and more," Ann said, her face devoid of any emotion. Obviously she still had not come back to her senses. But then she revised her words, as if finally becoming aware of her surroundings again. "Well," she started, shaking herself awake. "Except she is not good at studying, has a bad temper, and always does strange things. She is still so, so cute."

Elsa pouted when she heard what Ann had to say. She was confused whether her friend wanted to praise or belittle Evelyn. And another thing was, Ann said that Evelyn had always done some strange things. To Elsa, Ann was exactly the same and on par with Evelyn when it came to that matter. After thinking for a while, she wanted to turn around and go to where her parents were. But when she started doing just that, she found that she couldn't. Something - someone - was tugging at her arm. She realized that Charlie was still holding on to her. His tight grasp on her wrist made it impossible to go anywhere.

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