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   Chapter 1141 Extra Story 31 Of Charlie Confession

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The man shrugged. Charlie's words didn't seem to have an impact on his determination. "I have already gotten used to her violent nature. I've had practice, all these years. Plus, who would even dare scold her? If I do so, you and Addison won't let me live. And honestly, I'd rather die."

Charlie was amused by that. Taking another sip of the wine, he said, "I don't care about that. Ezra, what I only care about is the man who is going to be Evelyn's other half!" He turned to look at Ezra Zhou, a young, famed, well-trained, and promising lawyer. "What you have to bear is not only the pressure from the outside, but also from the Long Family."

Upon hearing that, Ezra Zhou put up a knowing smile. Patting Charlie's shoulder, he assured him, "I have made up my mind." Then he got up and walked to Evelyn's direction. When he walked past Charlie, he suddenly paused and turned to him. "Do you know why I chose to become a lawyer?"

Charlie furrowed his eyebrows. Obviously, he didn't know, and now, he was intrigued.

"Because... I know this is going to be challenging, but I want to force myself to grow under the pressure so that I can withstand the pressure from the Long Family in the future. This profession also helps me to learn how to speak, or else, I fear that Evelyn would feel bored living with a man who can't even argue with her." With a light chuckle, he disappeared into the crowd.

Charlie found what he heard quite interesting. After he finished his glass of wine, he put the glass down and tipped the bartender an enormous amount of money. He was planning to look for Elsa again, but the lights in th

what he did to you again, three times, an endless number of times." With the background music playing, his voice turned heavy. "Elsa, think carefully. Don't you understand that?"

Elsa blankly stared at Charlie. Actually she herself also had no idea what she was going to do. But suddenly, an idea came to her mind. She wanted to walk to the man who never showed up in front of her again, both in real life and in the game. Then she would question him, "Why did you do that?"

Even if... she believed that she already knew what his answer was going to be.

Tears fell down from her eyes. Charlie extended his arm and carefully wiped the tears away. Gently, he said, "Elsa, what I said to Rita a while ago wasn't a joke. I wasn't just teasing you." He paused for a moment and watched the blank expression on Elsa's face. His lips curling into a smile, he stated seriously, "I am really trying to make you my girlfriend. Actually—scratch that. I don't want you to be my girlfriend. I want you to be my other half. I want you to be at my side forever, until the very end of time!"

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