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   Chapter 1140 Extra Story 30 Of Charlie Confession

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"Yes," Charlie simply answered.

Elsa wasn't paying attention to what Rita was saying. She was in her own world, trying hard to figure something out. 'Evelyn Long... Charlie Long... The names ring a bell...'

"Charlie! Charlie!" Someone joyfully called, pulling Elsa out of her reverie. It was Evelyn. While her personality was totally domineering at school, she was acting totally right now. Because it was a very formal occasion, she was dressed up nicely and elegantly, which would lead one to think that she would be acting gentler that night. However, they were immediately proven wrong when she dashed towards Charlie like it wasn't anyone's business. Right. So although she was all dressed up as nicely as one could be dressed, she still ran to Charlie like a kid running for the ice cream truck.

"Hmm?" Evelyn didn't expect to see Elsa here. "Hi, my in-law to be!" The moment she blurted those words out, Rita and Ann were like struck by a thunder. Of course, being a carefree girl, Evelyn didn't notice the sudden change of facial expression on their faces. After greeting Elsa, she turned to Charlie. "Brother Addison will be here tonight as well. He gave me a call just now and said that we could go back together after this."

"Okay," Charlie replied. Then he turned to look at Elsa again, whose lips were visibly twitching.

Elsa stared at Charlie and Evelyn. In her heart, she was feeling that something was wrong, but she couldn't figure out what exactly that was. Lowering her head, she thought to herself, 'What's wrong?'

"Elsa." Ann suddenly pulled on Elsa's arms very hard. Quickly, Elsa turned to her and the girl was signaling for her to look at Charlie's direction. Earnestly whispering, Ann asked, "Evelyn is Charlie's sister? Do I... Do I understand this correctly?" Even though her volume was low, Rita heard everything clearly.

Was this a joke?

Evelyn was Charlie's sister? They looked completely different! One was bright and smart while the other seemed so mediocre and downright silly. Evelyn didn't do well in acad

elyn sneered at the man. Then she beamed at her elder brother. "If I were to marry," Evelyn said, her face now angelic, "I would find someone like Charlie." And with that, she winked at Charlie, glared at the man, and walked away.

Charlie asked for a glass of wine from the bartender. After getting his drink, he made a gesture that suggested he wanted a toast from the man. "You like Evelyn. Why did you irritate her intentionally?" asked Charlie.

"I learned that from you!" the man replied, now beaming boyishly. "You like Elsa, right? You've been messing with her since you two were in kindergarten! I can't compare with you in terms of that."

Charlie put on a big grin. Casually, he leaned towards the counter, his eyes falling on Ann and Little Bun, who were happily savoring the food they got. Gradually, his eyes turned wistful as he remembered something. Slowly, he uttered, "Evelyn and Elsa are so different. Brother Addison and I have been doting on Evelyn since she was a little girl. Even though she was born in a wealthy and powerful family, she hasn't really learned how to behave like a woman in this social class. She is just a free girl, doing whatever she likes to do but not what is proper." Then he turned to the man beside him. "Are you sure that you have the determination to protect her and dote on her regardless of what other people say?"

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