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   Chapter 1139 Extra Story 29 Of Charlie Confession

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Elsa had no idea why Rita shot them such a judgmental look. Baffled, she started looking around. 'Well, we are not the only ones eating. Why did she say that to us?' Elsa wondered. 'Plus, is there anything wrong in enjoying the food here?'

"That's right. The food is really nice here." Ann might be silly, but not stupid. Just from Rita's eyes, she could tell that she had some sort of aversion towards Elsa. As hard as she tried to remember, she could not recall a time when Elsa might have caused Rita trouble. She had one guess though—Allen. Actually, perhaps everyone in the school—obviously except Elsa—knew that Rita really, really liked Allen. "It's indeed a great opportunity to taste the food prepared by a French chef. We would love to try all the food here." Then Ann winked to Elsa and probed, "Elsa, right?"

"Yes… Right…" Elsa responded absent-mindedly.

Rita just sneered at her response. She has always looked down upon Elsa. Because of this, she just couldn't figure out how Allen could stand a girl like her for one entire year!

"Oh, right." Rita seemed to remember something. "Allen is also here. Elsa, do you want to say hi to him?"

Charlie had been trying for a week to soothe and comfort Elsa and help her recover from her break-up with Allen. However, at the mention of his name, her heart again was engulfed by the sadness and hurt. With a deep breath, she pursed her lips together and cast her gaze down, trying to suppress her intense emotions. However, her trembling hands which were holding her plate instantly betrayed her.

"Rita, Elsa won't talk to him for now. Thank you," Ann said, glaring at the insensitive Rita. Having sensed the current state of mind that Elsa was in, Ann knew that she would not be able to defend herself from Rita's disingenuous remark. Smirking to Rita, she castigated inwardly, 'Elsa was dumped by him. Why would she talk to him anymore?' The smile on Rita's face instantly irked Ann, making her want to slap her. But Ann maintained composure and also put on her fakest smile ever, and said, "You know what, Rita—if you really like that asshole, just take him away. Elsa has no interest in that disgusting man anymore!" Ann concluded her remar

you have agreed, you should take the responsibilities as a girlfriend." He glanced around at the people who had been looking at them since Elsa screamed. "See. Because of you, I am a joke to everyone now."

Elsa bit her lips, cursing him in her head. While she didn't fully listen to him just now, she shot him the nastiest glare she could do. She knew it. This demon was the source of all her nightmares.

Once again, Ann was awfully shocked. Blinking at a very rapid pace, she tried to make sense of everything. After a few moments of collecting her thoughts, she began talking, though she badly stuttered, "Elsa... I think... I think it's the right choice to be Charlie's girlfriend!"

Hearing this, Elsa couldn't help but shoot Ann a glare. 'How is that nice?' she thought to herself, fuming.

Taking a step back to get rid of Charlie's arm, she said in an annoyed tone, "Why can't you just be nice to me? You are bullying me again!" Her eyes felt like popping out of her skull with all the glaring that she had been doing, but she couldn't help it. Charlie was annoying her so much!

With all these happening, everyone forgot that Rita was there. Amidst the chaos, she was reflecting. Not even in her wildest dreams did she imagine that Charlie would help Elsa. Clearly, she saw Evelyn was with him, and the two of them were chatting like a couple. How could Charlie be Elsa's boyfriend?

"Charlie." Rita folded her arms. "I remember you came with Evelyn."

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