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   Chapter 1138 Extra Story 28 Of Charlie Confession

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In high spirits, Elsa packed her things and readied herself to go out. However, the moment she took her bag, her phone rang. Taking out her phone, she glanced at the caller ID. 'Devil!' she thought, her eyes narrowing.

Pouting, she picked up the phone call and prepared herself to sound like she was in a rare good mood. Before Charlie could even say anything, she took a sharp breath, raised her chin like she was in front of Charlie, and announced, "Don't ask me out today. I have no time for you!" Right after saying that, she hung up the call proudly. She felt awesome.

Staring at his phone, Charlie didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. Evelyn was casually sitting on the desk with one of her legs on the chair, licking her ice cream.

Since it was so rare to see Charlie getting defeated, she quickly raised her brows and started mocking him, "Wow! Someone hung up the phone on Mr. Charlie Long!" Upon hearing this, Charlie just rolled his eyes and gave his sister a helpless look. The girl then jumped down from the desk, patted him on the back as if to console him, and said, "Hmm… Don't feel too sad, brother." She said that comfortingly, sounding like she had a lot of life experience to share. "Life would always be like that. You have to go through some hardship! So let's go, and let me take you out somewhere where there's nice food so that you could calm yourself!"

Charlie smiled back and slowly nodded. Gently caressing Evelyn's hair, he replied, "Alright… Let's go!"

"Ha-ha!" With a sly grin plastered on her face, Evelyn grabbed Charlie's arm and said, "Charlie."


"Do you really really like Elsa?"


"Which part of her attracts you the most?"

Charlie just smiled but did not give her an answer. But silently, in his heart, he replied. 'I like her. She could stay in my heart. And no matter how much time passes, she would forever be there!'

It was dusk. The sun was setting at the horizon, casting a reddish yellow glow on them, and their shadows elongated. A lot of people fixed their eyes on them. They were curious about what the relationship between Charlie, Elsa and Evelyn was like.


Elsa sprinted to the hotel where her parents had been staying. All the guests, including good performing employees like her father, had been tempo

ing around the room and taking everything in when she heard a voice call her. Baffled, she turned to look back. It was Ann—and she waving her hand at her. Quickly, she turned to her parents and said, "Mom, Dad, I'll just go over there.'

"Sure!" her parents said, smiling and turning back to the people they were talking to.

Then, she started making her way towards Ann. Today, Ann was totally different from her usual "silly" self. She was wearing a pink chiffon dress which was to her knees. Around her waist, there was a thick, elegant belt, and it effectively showed her shape. It was the most elegant version of Ann that Elsa had ever seen.

"They're already serving your favorite chocolate!" she exclaimed as soon as Elsa reached her. In no time, the two girls dashed to the food section, hand in hand, and very excited.

As minutes ticked by, more and more guests arrived. The two girls were totally unconcerned with whatever that was happening, as they were just immersing themselves in eating. Contentment was written on their faces.

"Have some more." Suddenly, someone jeered coldly, "The food is prepared by one of the best chefs from France. It's indeed something you can't always have."

The two girls turned around. It was Rita Gu, the center of today's event, who was wearing a red gown. Rita and Allen belonged to the same batch in the school and both of them were quite famous in the business management faculty. Plus, she was the eldest daughter of the Gu family, and it made her a hot topic of discussion.

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