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   Chapter 1137 Extra Story 27 Of Charlie It's Sacred To Develop A Habit

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6223

Updated: 2019-08-04 07:09

Confused as to what the message meant, Elsa browsed further and checked on other messages.

Seeing a message and a friend request at the same time, Elsa clicked the "Confirm" with guilty resentments.

[Friend] Sweet Dream: Goddess Legendary Past, I...

Legendary Past finished off what she was about to type by inviting her into the group directly.

[System] Player "Legendary Past invited you into the biggest group of "Dragon Yelling To The Sky", "Madness Is Good" Group, Yes or No?

Once she saw its name, she felt like being mad and thought that the group was into no good. Some time she also doubted if Legendary Past would be a man playing a woman role, deceiving yet convincing. However, judging from the way he played, no girl would be so violent and strong as he was thus she was convinced that he was really a man. Looking back at the group name, Elsa doubted if she would join or not.

[Friend] Legendary Past: Come on! If you don't agree, I would kill...... Every time I meet Silent Sorrow, I would kill him!

Jerking at the threat, Elsa thought that after all, she was threatened all her life. What's more, as she accepted all threats and been eating threats for breakfast ever since. She clicked Y!

[Group] Blossom In The Field: Here comes Sweet Dream. Welcome!

[Group] Valiant Life: Fuck...... Sweet Dream, can you be more reserved? Damn it! I lost five thousand Ingots to Legendary Past again.

[Group] Worldly Rose: When have you won?

[Group] Rare Beauty: Sweetie Dreamie, you should obey the rules because you have joined us. No exemptions! Come on, show me your photo, and I will protect you!

[Group] Ice Is Water Awake: Tranny! You are over. You will arouse Sorrow's desire for possession.

[Group] Legendary Past: Ha, ha, ha, ha...... Come on! Those who lost the bet come here to pay. You have to pay interests if th

d and Charlie in real life made her move on easily from the break-up. Gradually, she had to get used to Allen leaving her this past week and accepted the fact that Charlie would play tricks on her while Silent Sorrow would take care of her in the game.

Days passed and the day of her dad's company anniversary arrived. "Elsa," Ann was packing her things, "Would you go to the anniversary of the Gu's Corporations with your dad?"

"Well, I guess so. I would go." Decided, Elsa raise her eyebrow and continued, "My mom said that she had bought a dress for me."

Hearing this, Ann picked up her eyebrow and excitedly said "Well...... See you tonight!"

"Yeah! See you tonight!" After saying that, Elsa also started packing her things. It was the first time that Elsa will be attending a huge party like this. She would see her dad get rewarded, so she was very happy and excited at the same time. Her mother brought her an elegant black flowing dress embedded with crystals that perfectly matched her skin and her figure. When all was set, Elsa was feeling beautiful and confident. A mix of emotions was in her heart as it was such a grand and luxurious party. However, she never expected that this party would impress her deeply!


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