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   Chapter 1136 Extra Story 26 Of Charlie It's Sacred To Develop A Habit

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Updated: 2019-08-04 05:30

Charlie...... Don't tell me that it is you!" As she thought about the idea, her world gradually became dark again. Why didn't she get rid of him the first instant she saw him? Or even the moment she knew that his name was Charlie? Oh, what a fool she was!

"Even though my name sounds good, you don't need to say it through gritted teeth. You're ruining the charm of my name when you do that, you know." Intending to ease her annoyance, he raised his eyebrow with a smile. He knew that she was totally devastated at the moment. Yet, as she went crazy thinking about the matter, a delicious steak was served in her side of the table. Then came his gentle voice, "Please have some bite."

Now, the delicious food in front of her also meant nothing. Sitting across from her, her appetite was somehow went appalled knowing that she was with her ultimate nightmare. Plus the fact that she was eating her "money". The money that she intended to use for her personal needs and not for fancy expensive foods. In her mind, she was calculating as to how much the food she was about to eat would cost her. Much more was, how much it would cost her all in all if Charlie's food will be added to her already pricey dish. She couldn't help but gulp in some air, all of a sudden she felt parched and hungry at the same time. She was crying in her heart! In case that she used up all the money that she had and couldn't get contact with her parents, she would be forced to use the credit card her dad gave her. Thinking of this, she felt that there was a dark future that loomed ahead of her.

'Do I need to spend the money that I didn't have before I can even start working for myself?' she asked herself worriedly.

Reaching for the fork that was neatly laid on the table, she picked some steak and chewed it absent-mindedly while gla

d. "Dad? Hi, how are you? What made you call?"

"Elsa," Her father said happily, "I will go to A City."

"Ah? Really?" Wiping the mess out her face, she looked excited. All the annoyance she felt earlier had disappeared. "When? When? Will Mom come too?"

"Yes, she will come, too. We will be arriving in A City this Friday!" Her father sounded very happy at the other end of the line. "There is an anniversary celebration for our company. I will attend being one of the best employers."

"Wow! Congratulations, Dad!" Her eyes widened as she looked at her roommates to relay to them the message. "Dad is so great!"

They talked happily, but her three roommates thought that Elsa's mood changed so rapidly. This time she had completely forgotten what happened between her and Charlie.

Hanging up the phone, she was so happy that she set aside all the bad things that Charlie brought to her.

Gaily pulling her hair into a tight bun, she turned on her computer and signed on to Dragon. Some messages came into view.

Eager to read the messages, she clicked on to open the chat box.

[Private] Stranger-Legendary Past: Because you stole my Silent Sorrow, you have to work for my group to compensate!

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