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   Chapter 1135 Extra Story 25 Of Charlie It's Sacred To Develop A Habit

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"Awww! How handsome he is!" Here came exciting voices from the girls that were stalking him. "He was a perfect complex of sunshine and darkness! Oh, he really gives me the shivers!"

Not intending to hear their compliments, he just lowered his eyes and managed to draw a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. All his life, Charlie had got used to such attention since his childhood.

Time passed gradually, and now it was five minutes past the appointed time that they were supposed to meet. Without the slightest sign of Elsa, he still waited patiently. Knowing Little Bun's character, it was lucky for him if he would see her a half hour later.

To his dismay, however, as he expected, she did not appear after a half hour.

Realizing that it was already getting late, he took out his phone calmly and dialed Elsa's number. After several rings, someone answered the call and without waiting for any response he said directly, "Tell Elsa! If I don't see her in ten minutes, I will go upstairs to get her myself!"

He handed up the phone and hung up the call before the person on the other end can even start talking. Looking up at the window of Elsa's dormitory room. His sight met a set of coward eyes and she seemed to be frightened and went away.

Hearing Charlie's threat, she went downstairs as fast as he could, in less than a minute she was on her way to meet him. As he saw that she was so angry but had to put up with it, he could not help smiling. "You invite me to have dinner, but you come so late. I can't seem to see your willingness."

"Damn it."

Angrily, Elsa muttered, "I don't want to eat with you. You compel me to do this."

Surprised at her stubborn reaction, he raised his eyebrows and laughed. "Let's go!"

It seemed that he was not listening or even cared about what Elsa had said. She did not know if he was deliberate or what. Despite not wanting to come with him, Elsa was left with no choice, she let herself be dragged by him. It was time for dinner and there were several restaurants near the school and needless to say the foods were delicious. But instead of going to the nearby resta

serve the dishes and they were forced to break such a strange atmosphere. "Mr. Charlie, the chief said that he had prepared a special Oden meal for Miss Evelyn, but she did not come today. Maybe we will just send it to the school, perhaps?"

"Yeah! Call her first to make sure if she was in school."

"Yes sir, we will do that." With the dishes served, the waiter left after responding to Charlie.

Amused at what she had heard, Elsa looked at that waiter as if he played some magic tricks in front of her. "Are they cooking Oden in such a fancy restaurant?" she asked Charlie.

"If you want some, we can ask them to prepare one for us." Looking at her straight in the eye with a teasing smile, Charlie suggested in an indifferent tone.

Elsa wanted to have a taste of the Oden, actually, she was craving for it. However, she was too shy to ask him. Seconds later, realizing that he wants to change the topic, she snorted "ID card!" with her eyes glaring at him. As silly as she was, she even stretched her hand out to show him that she was serious about looking into his ID.

Tired of her persistence, a shrewd smile crept on his face. However, he seemed to read what was on Elsa's mind. Instead of pulling his ID out, he tidied the napkins on his lap and gave her a teasing smile. His eyes were full of shiny lights as he said, "You have guessed it right! Do you still need to confirm it?" "What do you mean?

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